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'A tiny drop of water'

flower picture

A Poem by Dhanya

Looking at the red flowers on my table with the
sun shining on them, I notice a tiny sparkling drop of water
at the end of each stamen in every flower.

'Only God can create that,' I thought. Only that
infinite intelligence which has manifested the creation,
and whose hand is apparent in every single thing,
could have done that.

Then I think that 'I' too, from the point
of my body/mind and sense organs, from the point
of functionality, I too am a manifestation
and a part of that infinite intelligence.

There is nothing here which is separate from
the Lord, not the intricately formed flowers, or the
perfectly round, tiny drops of water now sparkling
in the sun, or my body which is breathing, or the space
in between, nothing is separate from that.

I thank the teachings of Vedanta and my teacher
and her teacher for helping me to gain this perspective
which now seems entirely self-evident to me. I think
of those who may feel that they have no connection with
the things they see around them, and I remember when I
myself thought like that, and how alienating and isolating
that type of thinking was.

Wherever I look I see the Lord, and wherever I see the Lord,
I also see the same limitless being/existence/consciousness,
which is my very own self, now manifest through an infinite
intelligence and shining in a tiny drop of water.

Harihi Om!

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