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The following are the sections of the Advaita Resources part of the site: -



There are many living teachers of Advaita in the world today, teaching in a variety of styles. Strictly speaking, the authentic teaching methodology has been passed down from teacher to disciple for well over a thousand years - this is called ‘sampradAya’ teaching. Since Shankara, aspects of the teaching of diverged such that we have, for example, the ‘neo-Vedanta’ of the Ramakrishna organization and the idiosyncratic teaching of sages such as Nisargadatta and Ramana Maharshi. Since the time of these two latter teachers, along with the eclectic and ‘renegade’ teacher, Osho, many new Western teachers have sprung up, claiming to teach in these new ‘traditions’. And, finally, there are those very new teachers who claim not to be teachers at all - the neo-Advaitins.

This section of the site aims to point to all of these resources, and to show the (relatively crude) ‘lineage’ charts in order to help the seeker find his way around.


Sites providing useful information about Advaita and which do not fall into any of the categories below.

Individual Writers




These may or may not be part of large organizations with many branches. Local teachers may or may not be enlightened. Teaching may or may not be provided free of charge.

Sites belonging to individuals who write (and possibly teach) Advaita-related topics.

Sites producing regular (or not)  Ezines containing Advaita-related writing and sites making available downloads of Advaita-related books.

Advaita-related discussion groups and blogs by individuals.

Sites which contain transcriptions and commentaries of scriptural material. (Primarily Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita; other scriptures will be listed under Upanishads.)

Sites containing general information on Hinduism and other Indian philosophies.

* Note that all links in this section are in the process of being updated.

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