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Websites of Western Writers

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Non-Duality Salon
This is maintained by Jerry M. Katz. Amongst other things it has some extremely useful pages listing living teachers, alphabetically or by location. Each entry contains a few quotations, together with a pointer to the teacher's own website, if applicable. There are also many personal accounts of satsangs with various teachers. The links can keep you surfing for some considerable time! Read excerpts from Jerry's book, 'One: Essential Writings on Nonduality'.

Jerry is also the author of a new book, called 'ONE: Essential Writings on Nonduality' which explains and illustrates non-duality from a wide variety of perspectives, both practical and theoretical. Read my review.

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Pure Silence is the website of Mark McCloskey, who is selflessly (!) spreading the message of non-duality without thought of personal gain. There are a large number of short articles on various aspects of life, emphasising the need to live in the present from the silence that is our true nature. There are also several audio extracts from his acclaimed 'Pure Silence' CD, profits from which are donated to

There are some interesting musings on aspects of Advaita as well as some autobiographical stories from Michael Reidy and a number of quotations. Not a high-tech website (!) but well worth a visit.

Philip Teertha Mistlberger - Teachings and Writings on the Spiritual Path. A wide selection of writings from various traditions, including Zen, Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra. A book is advertised, entitled 'A Natural Awakening: Realizing the Self in Everyday Life' with the first two chapters on-line and the first of these provides a crystal clear description of the seeker's situation and the nature of enlightenment as described by Advaita. Another short article lists the 'Nine Essential Points of Spiritual Enlightenment' - Excellent!
'This present moment already exists in its utter simplicity and purity. Your nature as the consciousness that is experiencing this moment is not separate from this purity and simplicity. It is one and the same as it. Grasping this leads to the ending of the impulse to seek for our True Self in external reality.'

Nirmala has an entry on the Teacher pages but there are some wonderful resources at his websites irrespective of whether you are looking for a particular teacher. There are several excellent Ebooks freely available for downloading and also audio and video extracts from satsangs. See his essays for examples of the quality of his writing.

Jean-Pierre Gomez, a student of 'Sailor' Bob Adamson, answers a number of questions that frequently arise for the 'seeker of enlightenment'. is the website of James Swartz. There is much to read here - and it looks very good! Many perennial questions on Advaita are addressed in 12 different categories and opinions are expressed on a number of issues. Books and essays may be read on-line or downloaded as PDF files. Some may be purchased as hard copy and the entire site is available on CD. There is also a large section on dream analysis. A tour of temples in India is organised annually. There are galleries of artwork, some of which may be purchased as cards and hi-res images.

Wide Awake Living is the website of Alice Gardner and is about enlightenment and waking up to what is already here, now. There are essays, poetry, links and details about her book ‘Life Beyond Belief’.

Advaya is the website of Philip Renard, who has been influenced by a number of teachers but principally by Nisargadatta Maharaj and Alexander Smit. He teaches in the Netherlands (Bilthoven) but his site has a parallel stream in English, where there are a number of articles, including a series on Ramana, Nisargadatta and Atmananda.

Ashram Vidya Order is the site of the New York based Aurea Vidya Foundation which publishes the books of Raphael (see Recommended Books). Raphael marries the tradition of Advaita Vedanta with the teaching of Plato and the neo-Platonists and with the philosophies of Orphism (Pythagoras and Parmenides). He calls the resultant the 'Primordial Tradition'. The site has monthly readings together with short pages of material outlining the principles.

Vidya Bharata was founded by Raphael and is an organisation in Italy. Note that this site is principally in Italian.

Philosophy of Oneness is the website of Jan Kersschot. There are details of his books, endorsements from Tony Parsons and Nathan Gill, two interviews and several short essays. A discussion forum is also available.

What Never Changes is the website of Annette Nibley, a disciple of John Wheeler and Stephen Wingate. There is a large number of essays and dialogues on a wide range of topics. Regular meetings are held in Mill Valley, California and there are details of these and other, special events.

Only Timeless Being is the website of Felipe Oliveira, a disciple of John Wheeler and Bob Adamson. There are numerous essays, which may be read on-line or downloaded as a PDF booklet. There is also a link to his poetry site.

Aloha Sangha - Weekly meetings in Honolulu explore the varieties of non-dual experience and expression, with emphasis on the teachings of Nisargadatta, Sri Ramana, and Zen Buddhism. Meetings are led by Tom Davidson-Marx, who has been practicing meditation and yoga for several decades. The site contains a number of essays, articles and guidelines for practice.

An Introduction to Awareness - information on the book by philosopher James M. Corrigan along with a podcast and philosophical essays. This is the branch of western philosophy called 'Indefinite Monism' which bears many similarities with Advaita.

Non-Dual Spirituality or Advaita - this is one of the sections at Timothy Conway's '' website. A very wide-ranging selection, including short and clear expositions of advaita; a long Q&A section on non-dual awakening; an essay comparing bhakti and j~nAna yoga; papers on non-duality and psychotherapy; essays critical of neo-advaita; and loads of material on Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, Jnaneshvar, Bankei and Douglas Harding. Many other non-dual mystics (from Milarepa to Moshe Cordovero to Juan de la Cruz) are included elsewhere on Timothy's website.

The Integral Ego - information on the book 'INTEGRAL THERAPY: Love is the Healing Principle' by Dr. D. B. Sleeth. The use of non-duality in mental health therapy. Influenced by the 'radical non-dualism' of Adi Da and the theories of Ken Wilber.

Swami Abhayananda's website is principally concerned with promoting his books, two of which I have read and would recommended (The Supreme Self and The Wisdom of Vedanta). There is also a brief biography and a number of articles and links. In particular, he is now offering a number of his earlier books as free downloads, including "Jnaneshvar: The Life and Works of the Celebrated 13th Century Indian Mystic-Poet", "History of Mysticism: The Unchanging Testament" and "Dattatreya's Song of the Avadhut". ** Latest: The Supreme Self is also now available for download **

The End of Seeking - Essays on such topics as our true nature, the ego, spiritual practice etc. from Mike Graham, who has been influenced by Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi and especially 'Sailor' Bob Adamson (for whom there is a separate section).

Know Yourself offers audio and video downloads of talks and satsangs from a number of teachers. These include Nirmala, Burt Harding, Unmani Liza Hyde, Catherine Ingram, Gina Lake, Wayne Liquorman, Om C. Parkin, Bernie Prior, Isaac Shapiro and Metta Zetty. Audios are typically £6 for a 1 - 1.5 hour talk and £12 for a 1.5 hour video.

Stillness Speaks is the website of Chris Hebard, who is aiming to introduce seekers to authentic teachers of advaita, both traditional (Swami Dayananda and James Swartz) and modern (Pamela Wilson and Francis Lucille). There are a number of free PDF downloads of James Swartz's writing, recommended books, a weblog and a page of links. There are also satsangs (in Texas) to watch and discuss videos of Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti. (The site is also growing faster than I can update the description!)

the urban guru cafe - Not sure where to put this - it is the first 'podcast' site to which I have linked. There are frequent new 'shows' (every week to 10 days or so), consisting of music (mainly good 60's - 70's pop as far as I can make out), along with readings, voices, poems, interviews etc. The 'teaching' appears to be principally from the 'Sailor' Bob 'school'. mp3 files may be played on-line or downloaded. As the headline says: "entertaining - controversial - innovative - informative".

Seeing-Knowing is the website of Gilbert Schultz, a disciple of Nisargadatta and 'Sailor' Bob. There are (or will be) articles, audio, videos and details of his books 'Everything is Clear and Obvious' and 'The Essence of the First Instant'.

Mark West - Non Duality has numerous articles from Mark West, also a disciple of Nisargadatta and 'Sailor' Bob Adamson. There are also audio talks and interviews with Mark and several videos. There are details of the book 'Gleanings from Nisargadatta' - Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj transcribed by Mark 1976-77.

Nondual Poetry - Words pointing beyond words. A beautifully presented site from Susan Kahn, which features poetry and other writing (not all relating to the advaita tradition) from a number of teachers and writers, including the site author. Susan also has a more specific, advaita-oriented site - Nondual Pointing, Knowing who you really are. This includes a podcast on her work as a Nondual Psychotherapist.

Lots more non-dual poetry, from Simon Grady, may be found at Now is Never Wrong.

The Awakened Eye - encounters with nondual awareness. Artists and artisans, educators and philosophers, scientists, sages and saints, present their understanding and teachings about nondual awareness: the eye wideawake and the awakened 'I' are not two.

Consciousness Is All is the website of Peter Dziuban, author of the book of the same title. You can read five sample chapters from the book and there are video and audio presentations. You are invited to arrange a consultation at the rate of $50 per hour, which includes an mp3 recording of your discussion.

Beyond Seeking is the website of Roy Townsend, who was inspired by the writings of Ramesh Balsekar, 'Sailor' Bob Adamson, Leo Hartong and John Wheeler. He lives in the small town of Balingup in the south west of Western Australia and visits can be made by appointment via his site. is an online 'Course on Consciousess' by Stanley Sobottka, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Virginia in three parts: (1) Quantum Theory and Consciousness; (2) The Metaphysics of Nonduality; and (3) The End of Suffering and the Discovery of our True Nature.

Non-Duality North is a site offering detailed information about current Neo Advaita teachers (Tony Parson, Jeff Foster, Mandi Solk, Nathan Gill, to name but a few), including website links, schedules and specific teachings.

On Second Thought is the website of John Ptacek. Non-duality forms the core his essays, which use imagery and humor to demystify this at first perplexing concept for a wider audience. Topics such as love, death, hope and revolution are glimpsed through the lens of non-duality.

Centerless Center is the website of Will Wright. Inspired by the non-dual teachings of, among others, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta, Rupert Spira, and John Wheeler, Will blogs on the nature of experience.

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