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This is the list of interviews of teachers and writers. At present (2012), the majority of these interviews have previously featured as essays in 'Discourses by teachers and writers'. Most were conducted by Paula Marvelly, with many being taken from her book 'Teachers of One'.

Note that all copyright for the material in this section resides with the respective author and any request for permission to use extracts must be directed to them and not to myself. Note also that the views expressed do not necessarily in all cases accord with my own views.



Balsekar, Ramesh Paula Marvelly
Coe, Terry (Part 1) non-duality magazine (John LeKay)
Coe, Terry (Part 2) non-duality magazine (John LeKay)
Dhanya (part 1) Paula Marvelly
Dhanya (part 2) Paula Marvelly
Goode, Dr. Greg Paula Marvelly
Kapoor, Dr. VijayPaula Marvelly
Lucille, FrancisPaula Marvelly
Radzik, JodyPaula Marvelly
Spira, Rupert (Part 1) Paula Marvelly
Spira, Rupert (Part 2) Paula Marvelly
Swartz, JamesPaula Marvelly
Waite, Dennis (Part 1) non-duality magazine (John LeKay)
Waite, Dennis (Part 2) non-duality magazine (John LeKay)
Waite, Dennis (Part 3) non-duality magazine (John LeKay)
Waite, Dennis (Part 4) non-duality magazine (John LeKay)



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