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This section provides details of recommended books that I have found relevant or helpful in studying Advaita. (A few books are also recommended by other students of Advaita that I have encountered in my Internet travels and an invitation is extended for readers of these pages to suggest others.)

Before letting you peruse the lists, I cannot resist recounting a story I read recently (from the Ramana Maharshi organisation) indicating what he said about reading lots of books. He asked whether, on looking in the shaving mirror in the morning and seeing that we needed a shave, we would then go to look in lots of other mirrors for confirmation. Similarly, if we read a book explaining that we are not who we thought ourselves to be and that we should endeavour to find the real I, why then read lots of other books telling us the same thing? We should simply start to do something about it now! Just as the mirror cannot shave us, the book cannot enlighten us.

Traditional Reading

There are 4 elements to this: the main scriptural sources of prasthAna traya, texts attributed to Shankara, other acknowledged classics written later and academic treatments.


Free Books


This section is separated into several categories: sages (such as Nisargadatta and Ramana), Western ‘satsang’, and neo-advaita.

There is an increasing amount of free material available for download, principally traditional (out of copyright) but also some modern teachers provide samples or Ebooks.

Recommendations are also provided for some other books which are not strictly speaking related to Advaita but may be of interest to the seeker.

This leaves other Advaita books to be listed under:

These provide recommendations using the Amazon facilities.

Links to bookstores in the US, UK and India where Advaita books may be purchased,