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A retired philosophy lecturer and author, Jonathon Bennett, is in the process of performing the most tremendous service to lovers of philosophy everywhere - that of rendering a number of classics of western philosophy into comprehensible, modern language (without changing the essence). He has already “translated” works by Berkeley, Descartes, Hobbes, Hume, Kant, Leibnitz, Locke and Spinoza. These may be downloaded as PDF files for private use or for teaching purposes.


The philosophy of F. H. Bradley has been compared to that of Advaita but, in fact, there are some subtle differences. His most significant book, which is effectively on the topic of this website, is called 'Appearance and Reality'.

I had access to a text version of this which I have converted into a PDF file, which you may download. The file is very large (1,679k). Because of the way in which it was converted, the formatting is not perfect and the page numbering in the Contents list is not correct. However, I believe that all the words are there and the PDF format makes the material relatively easy to read.

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