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Bhrama Sutra

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This is the third branch of the prasthana-traya - you will need a specialist bookstore to locate it. Note that, since you will presumably only be interested in the Advaitic interpretation, you will want the one with the bhashya by Shankara.


The most popular version is probably the one with commentary by Swami Gambhirananda (available from Vedic Books). It is an exceedingly difficult book to read and, though it contains some of the most profound philosophical analysis, it is certainly not for the beginner.


Rather than a direct translation, this version is paraphrased by the Advaita scholar V. H. Date and is much more readable. Unless you really want the most accurate rendition, this is probably the best choice. Both versions contain Devanagari for the sutras themselves. You may currently buy it (in two volumes) from Vedic Books.


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