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"Self Realization ( brahmAnubhava): The Advaitic Perspective of Shankara: Indian Philosophical Studies IV” by Vensus A. George covers the work of Shankara in considerable depth. It is written in a scholarly manner with detailed references but is nevertheless very readable. It may be purchased but is also available for free download.


A comprehensive presentation of advaita sAdhanA is available for free download (788K). This is a translation by Professor V. Krishnamurthy of discourses given by the Kanchi Maha-Swamigal. The original, in Tamil, was published by Vanathi Publishers and is available from Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham. Everything you ever wanted to know about Shankara's chatushtaya sampatti and more, in the ever readable style of profvk. Profvk has also made available his 'GEMS FROM THE OCEAN OF TRADITIONAL HINDU THOUGHT', which consolidates the information previously contained on his website.

Another book from Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham is "Hindu Dharma" by Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi MahaSwamiji. This comprises two volumes of speeches from the Tamil Book "Deivatthin Kural".


A number of other essays by Ananda Wood, covering language, states of consciousness, OM , science, mind and knowledge are available for download.


Neo-Vedanta and Modernity: Toward an understanding of the ontology of Bliss in the Context of modernity by Prof. Bithika Mukerji. From the Introduction:

Prof. Bithika Mukerji taught philosophy at the Banaras Hindu University. She wrote the present book as a research work at McMaster University in Canada in 1973-77. She insists in it on the need not to reduce Vedanta to a rationalistic and intellectual ontology, but to see it fully as connected to Bliss and the spiritual experience per se. This is also the difference between the western philosophical approach and the Indian one. In fact, herself a Bengali, she was disciple of the great Bengali woman sage, Ma Anandamayi whom she met as far back as in the thirties. This name “Anandamayi” means "permeated with bliss", so it is not so astonishing that Bithika develops this subject in the present book. Her reflections on modernity are well documented and deep, they will stimulate a renewed point of view with the readers, both Westerners and Indians.

and comment by Sunder Hattangadi:

This is truly a gem of a book, which should be widely read by seekers from all traditions. A bonus is Swami Vidyaranya’s Taittiriya-Vidya-Prakasha (13th cent.C.E.), included at the end of the book (169 pages).


The Doctrine of Maya by Prof. Prabhu Dutt Sastri is a scholarly investigation into the origins of the concept of mAyA, its development by Shankara and the objections to the theory by other schools of Indian philosophy. It may be downloaded in various formats (10MB in PDF format). (Thanks to Ravicande for this link.)


A Primer of Indian Logic According to AnnamBhatta's TrakaSamgraha by Kuppuswami Sastri - Year 1951. Some Topics Covered - Patanjali, imamsaka's, Samkhya, Advaitin's concepts of Guna, Jati, Atman, Manas; Nirvikalpakapratyaksa and Savikalpakapratyaksa, Advaitic view of Nirvikalpakapratyaksa; Inference, Intuition, ....


Four of the volumes of A History of Indian Philosophy by Surendranath Dasgupta may be dowloaded from

Vol I
Covers the various schools of Indian Philosophy including Buddhist,
Jaina, Kapila and Patanjala Samkhya, Nyaya Vaisesika, Mimamsa, Sankara.

Vol II
Covers the Sankara School of Vedanta including the famous Advaitins
after Shankaracharya, a brief chapter on Yoga Vashishta and Philosophy
of Bhagavad Gita.

Covers topics - Bhaskara School of Philosophy, Pancaratra, Arvaras,
Philosophy of Yamunacarya, Philosophy of Ramanuja School, Nimbarka
School of Philosophy, Philosophy of Vijnana Bhiksu, Philosophic
Speculations of some Selected Purunas.

Vol V
Topics Covered - Southern Saivism, Vira Saivism, Philosophy of
Srikantha, Saiva Philosophy in the Puranas and other important texts.


The Siddhantalesasangraha of Appayya Diksita, Vol - I, Translation by S.S. Suryanarayana Sastri, Year 1935 is also available at


The Digital Library of India has nearly 6000 books on Religion, including over 4000 in Sanskrit. These include many classic scriptures and commentaries. The books are not available for download but must be viewed on-line. Pages are viewed in TIF format, for which the optimum method is to download a free browser add-in.

Advaita Vedanta - A Bird's Eye View is a paper, which may be downloaded as a pdf, written by D. Krishna Ayyar, who was inspired by listening for over two and a half decades to his guru, Swami Paramarthananda. An excellent overiew of the Advaita Vedanta teachings.

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