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book cover Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal: seeing beyond the illusion of a separate self by Nirmala. As with most modern books on Advaita, this is a psychological rather than a metaphysical presentation but it is full of sincere love, wisdom and humor. It is highly practical and readable with many original ways of looking at the situation in which the seeker finds him/herself. I highly recommend this book and there is no excuse for anyone not to sample it when Part 1 may be freely downloaded as a PDF file. A wonderful gift to the Advaita community. Alternatively, if you want to be able to read it anywhere, it may be purchased in the usual format. Nirmala is a disciple of Neelam, in the lineage of Ramana Maharshi and Sri Poonja.

Read an extract from the book.

The book has been expanded and re-issued in 2007. Part 1 of the new edition is available for free download.


book cover Who Are You?

Who You Are: Contemporary Dialogues on Non-Duality by Jean-Pierre Gomez, a disciple of “Sailor” Bob Adamson.

Read an extract from this.

book cover

The Texture of Being (Extracts from the Original) by Roy Whenary. This is a beautifully presented Ebook, containing extracts from Roy's book, together with some of his own natural history and landscape photographs. Read my review of the complete book.

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