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There never was anything other than That
Jean-Pierre Gomez

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Jean Pierre Gomez

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Q: Hi Jean-Pierre, you mentioned that searching is a trap. Thank you for being there to guide people like me out of a lifelong habit of searching. I am apparently still trapped though, as questions still arise.

In one of your Audio dialogues, you said that we are not running the show and further that there is nothing to find. Then you recommended that we investigate for ourselves to find out what is true. If there is no "separate "me", how do "I" investigate and find what is true? If there is no "me" and nothing to find, what is the point? Or, is that the point?

  Yes! that is the point, once you see that you never had a "me" or a "mind' or personal "ego", Once you recognize that the belief in a separate individual with personal volition is false, then everything drops off, naturally. Realize that you cannot possibly be "trapped" and that you never have been "trapped in life! "Never! You are being lived by Consciousness, the whole of you and your entire life is!

The idea of a separate "me" is the false belief that needs to be seen through with a little bit of investigation. Realize that you are whole and that you are Pure Consciousness right now, just as you are and that there is no one else but pure Consciousness appearing as you. You are taking a belief or a shadow to be real! With a little investigation you will easily realize that you never were separate at any time and the "me idea" is nothing but a thought that believe itself to be the power. Yet it is only a burned rope, try to grab a burned rope!

Understand that "you" as pure Consciousness is what I am speaking to, when I say to investigate yourself. I am not talking to any "me" or "mind'! For there is no such thing present in you right now, understand that the "me" or "mind" is just a translating thought and a translating thought in itself has no power or intelligence. A thought is not the pure and real intelligence. It cannot understand anything. Only Consciousness is the real intelligence! And you are that!

There is nothing else but pure Consciousness appearing as you, that is present right now. The real and only intelligence that can understand what I am pointing to!

Again it is very important that you understand that there is no "me" in yourself and there never was one ever present. You are your true nature this very moment and you always have been your true nature. Just as you are right now. You are nothing but pure Divine Consciousness right now, nothing but that already. You cannot become more of what you already are, impossible.

Simply understand that there never was a "mind' or a "me" or an "ego” at all! That is a myth! There never was a separate entity apart from the Oneness, ever. So when I write or I speak, I am only speaking to the Oneness appearing as you, as a human being. That is the cosmic Joke! You are whole and complete, already! You are just playing a part in a play of Consciousness as Consciousness disguised as a human being! I am just here to tell you that you are not what you appear to be! You are the essence of all things and all appearances, the One! How beautiful!

You asked me how to investigate yourself? Here is how to simply investigate yourself, this simple investigation may help you discern from the real unchanging power of existence or the real "you" and the translating "thoughts" that have no power, whatsoever!

Ask yourself these simple questions:

Who is in you right now, that can do anything on it's own free will and that has any independent nature, apart from the pure real power or pure Consciousness that you already are?

  • Do rising thoughts have power to really do anything for you? Or are they just appearing and disappearing on the livingness that you truly are? Just like moving clouds on the unchanging sky?
  • Can you have a single thought present, if you are not alive or if Consciousness is not being present first as the substratum, or your pure beingness? Can a dead man think or feel?
  • Can a thought make your heart beat for you? Is the thought "I am alive" your livingness or beingness, is it the actuality of being alive? The real? Or just a "translating thought" or "label" that comes and goes on your true nature or unchanging beingness? Without that thought, you are still alive.
  • With or without thoughts present do you cease to exist? Is Awareness present when you are in deep sleep? Does your livingness ceases, and you stop growing because there is no thought present? Is the thought my "mind" really you?
  • Can the thought "I am aware" be aware in itself or just translating the presence of awareness?
  • Is awareness subtly present first, as the familiar unchanging "you" or the familiar knowing that you are alive and conscious?
  • Is there an innate intelligence or living presence that is so familiar to you and that is always aware of what arises on your presence of awareness, of all the thoughts and all the feelings?

See how easy it is to investigate yourself! Can the thought "I see" really see? Or is it just translating the actuality of seeing. Realize that "seeing" is "ON" from the time you wake up to when you fall asleep, your real nature or the real living power of existence is "ON". Life or existence is what you are! It is the core of your being. The true Power. You cannot deny it, you cannot grasp it or separate yourself from it at any time. You just know that you are! It is running the show and taking care of you completely.

It does not really matter if you are conscious or unconscious, it is your living-essence and it is taking care of everything for you. If you are unconscious and under anesthesia livingness or existence is still functioning your body very well and without a single thought being present or a so called "me" or "mind". So you see existence is the real living power and it is independent from thoughts, but thoughts are not independent from existence. You can exist without a thoughts, but thoughts cannot exist without existence present first as the primary or living background.

So you see, who is there that can possibly be "trapped"? No one, you are already and ever free! There is no separate entity in you right now and there never will be one. All there is present in you, as you, is pure Consciousness or existence appearing as your body and as natural movements of energy we call thoughts, feelings etc... You are nothing but that!

Understand that the so called "mind" (which is also pure Consciousness or Awareness in essence) is just a bunch of memories, learned stuff, that we have acquired from our past experiences, from our schools and from our parents etc... All the "mind" can do, is to only translate the pure Livingness (The Actuality of right Now) with all sorts of past acquired concepts and words.

Just a tool or an instrument of translation for Consciousness or that pure Divine intelligence to express and experience itself. That pure intelligence-energy is translated in thoughts and idea, urges etc.. It is always you in essence! The Oneness.

A newborn sees everything exactly just like you do right now. No difference at all, the "Seeing" power is the same, but he has not learned any labels yet. He is only functioning purely from the Natural State , (he has no reference point seemingly created to refer anything to).

He does not know what this object is, and he did not learned a name for it, to him, it just is! Everything just is, at that age. If he sees furniture in his baby room, he does not have any words or concepts, like the word "chair" or  "table" or even the word "I am". He is blank and happy, just being himself and functioning purely, naturally and effortlessly from the Natural State .

He is still without any acquired intellect, he has not been conditioned or programmed with learned beliefs, labels, words, experiences etc...He has no so called "mind" or reference point yet.

You can also see the world like through the eyes of a little child! Drop the labels for awhile and move about your day without labeling anything, not giving names to anything. Then everything just is, you cannot say anything at all about it! It just is as it is! " Be simple like a little child and you will enter the Kingdom".

Understand that all the so called "mind" does, is to describe what is! It only labels what is with thoughts and words and acquired knowledge, yet understand it is not the "thing".

Realize that any thoughts are not the actuality. They are not the pure cognizing and registering of what is. No thought will ever be the pure livingness. The thought "I am alive" has no power to stand on its own, it cannot be alive of itself, just a translation of the real livingness. Without the real livingness being present, no thought would ever arise, none!

Realize that you are the pure unlabeled functioning intelligence or the light of livingness moving through you right now, and seeing through your eyes. That is the real "you".

Understand that before you bring up a thought on your unchanging awareness or presence, you are your true Self, just like that, without trying or making any effort! Again pause any thoughts for just a moment, relax and realize that you don't disappear at all, you remain naturally as your true familiar unchanging Self, the real effortless and ever present familiar everyday ordinary "YOU!"

Try this little pointer:

Just look around wherever you are and listen to everything that is going on. Notice that you are undeniably conscious, aware and fully alive. Notice that you are aware of everything and registering effortlessly and naturally, everything that is happening around you. You don't have to do anything for the "registering power" to cognize everything, it just is! You don't have to make it happen, it is already present. That is your true Natural State of Presence. You are always aware all day long in the waking state and registering everything, just like that. It is so ordinary, we easily overlook it! We get seemingly "caught up" in what appears on that ordinary unchanging subtle presence that we are.

Now you see why it is so easy to miss our true nature. That is why I say that the search itself is a trap, for as long as you are searching you will miss it. We sometime need an external pointer to point out to us, what is so easily overlooked.

Realize that you are that undeniable presence that is ungraspable with any concepts and yet, it is registering everything effortlessly for you, it is functioning your body for you effortlessly and it is so familiar that it is easily discarded by the so called "mind".

Your true nature is very subtle, yet once recognized you cannot forget it ever again, for it is your natural ever present, sense of beingness or your true self. That undeniable knowingness that you are alive, that you effortlessly exist, and that sense of presence translates with a thought as "I am".

Notice that when thoughts arise on you, seemingly the focus shifts on what arises on your awareness, (there is no mind, it is only pure awareness appearing on awareness, that is all). Recognize you are always present and that awareness never change, the real unchanging you is very subtle and easily overlooked. Again pause thoughts for a moment and realize you remain right here and right now as your familiar Self, as you! Then thoughts will continue to come up and disappear, but the subtle unchanging you, always remain present.

Do you see why it is so important that all your questions are answered, all of them without confusion and when you are empty of them, then you are naturally full! So please don't hesitate and ask me any questions you feel like asking, inquire until none remain and all doubts are cleared up and you effortlessly stand on your own light of understanding.

That is why I am here for, to help "others" go beyond the need for further help. To offer simple pointers and simple directions to your real "home", as clearly, as simple and as less confusing as I can possibly do it for you, with the use of words.

All of this web site is about, is to point to you the simple truth that you are already home! To help you recognize that the "veil of separation" never existed. It is just a false belief. See the falseness of the false and you are left with the true.

You have seemingly forgotten your true nature and taken the false to be real for many years, as part of this play of Consciousness. The "Leela" or "Maya". It is like a great King dreaming to be a small beggar and he takes the dream character to be so real that he forgot he is really a great king.

When I say on the 'audio samples' that you are not running the show, I mean that there is no separate and "independent entity" or "ego" that has any power to do anything. The only power is "you" as pure Consciousness or Divine intelligence. That is who and what is really running the show for everyone, we call that mystery "Life".

It is "the One Spirit of Life" beating your heart right now, it is breathing for you right now, it is growing you and taking care of functioning your entire body for you without thinking about it at all. It has been growing you since the very first cell of your body was created in your mother's womb.

It is doing everything for you effortlessly, it is digesting the food you ate today, it is feeding every cell in your body for you. That mystery is seeing through your eyes for you, effortlessly. It is the light of awareness looking through your eyes right now, it is cognizing this words that you are reading and also registering everything else around you simultaneously, everything.

It is effortlessly hearing through your hears right now. It is the Living presence of awareness, of pure existence. You are that! Your living "Spirit" or "essence" or beingness is the real you! How beautiful, you are that mystery we call "life", not only functioning you, but this entire universe, we see it outside ourselves as a beautiful mirror, we call it "Nature". The simple miracle of Life is so easily overlooked because it is so subtle, like space around us is so subtle.

Realize that with or without any thoughts present you don't stop to function and you don't stop to exist or to be alive. In deep sleep, when there is no "me' or "mind" or a "personal doer" and no personal "choice maker",  you are being functioned and taking care so beautifully, just as you are right now, this very moment, by this beautiful "Mystery" we call it being alive!
As a Beatles song points out beautifully:" Life is what is happening! while we are busy making other plans".

Do you understand now, what I point to when I say that there is no "me"? Simply that there is only consciousness and that what appears as a "me" is also that Oneness or pure Consciousness. There never was a "me" and Consciousness, there never was any separation at all, ever! The whole and totality of it, the entire you, just as you are is your true nature. It is simply appearing and vibrating in different patterns, thoughts, feelings, a body, a world etc...In essence it is all One!

That is all you are, only that pure essence of Oneness or Divine pure intelligence-energy or divine Living-intelligence that we call "Consciousness" or "Life".

All the choice you make and have made in your life, all the desires including the desire to know yourself, all the natural everyday ordinary functioning, or the fact of being alive, all the thoughts you ever had and all that feelings that ever arose on you, are all your true Self or your true nature, nothing but that and only that! That is the meaning of Oneness, the entire universe, your entire life and the all of you is that Oneness expressing itself.

You have always been it! When you speak, it speaks through you, when you choose, it chooses through you. It has always been the only real POWER, there never was any other power but the Oneness appearing as many!

Call off the searching and seeking for yourself, for Oneness! Realize that you cannot ever be separate from the pure universal Consciousness that you are and always have been. That is what so called liberation is all about, the recognition or realization that you are already liberated!

There never was anything other than that, that is understanding the Oneness. How beautiful nothing to become or attain, nothing to gain or get rid off! You are That, just has you always have been, as your natural self! You are a unique expression of that Oneness.

All you can do now is to be, to be yourself and realize that when you are present with the actuality of livingness, there is peace, a subtle unchanging peace that is beyond all understanding. Just relax and be!

Forget the past for it is dead and cannot be changed or re-lived again, and don't worry at all about the future, it has not been written yet. Trust your true nature, have faith in your true Self. It is living you and loving you beyond any imaginable way that you can ever understand with a finite intellect. Every single instant of your life is the Life of the Divine moving through you.

Smile inside, for you always have been your true Self and nothing was ever wrong anywhere and at anytime, never, never! Always remember that only pure divine Intelligence or pure Consciousness has been running the Show for you (or your life if you prefer). It is running the life of this entire world and of all living things in it, including the life of everyone you know and it will always be the only true Power of existence, just that and nothing else!

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