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'Sailor' Bob Adamson

Sailor Bob Adamson - Details of meetings (in Melbourne, Australia). His book and CDs may be purchased and there are reviews, extracts and transcripts from meetings and emails. 'Sailor' Bob is a disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj.
"But where is this self? Where is this self center that I call “ME”? You see that very thought “I AM”, the primary thought, which I cannot negate, is not the reality. Even that is not the reality. But it is the closest I can ever get to it with the mind."

Read an extract from his book 'What's Wrong With Right NOW!'


Adyashanti - His own guru was from the Zen tradition but his teachings are virtually indistinguishable from Advaita. The site has details of satsangs and retreats, books and tapes as well as written and audio extracts.
"Inherent within the revelation of perfect unity is the realization that there is no other. The implications of this realization reveal that in order to manifest that unity in the relative world, one must renounce the dream of being a separate self seeking to obtain anything through relationship with another."



Éric Baret - influenced by Jean Klein and Kashmir Shaivism. Gives talks in Europe and Canada. Site contains details of these together with extracts from dialogues.
" You cannot deliberately progress towards an open state, you can only see clearly that you are in a blocked state. So, you let your body-mind slowly become more open to your conviction that you can attain nothing. That you are going to die in total stupidity. You may die in the very next moment, so there is no time to reach anything, to achieve anything. In sadhana you live with the feeling that you are going to die the very next minute; thus, you no longer make strategies and you just do things for the sake of doing them. If you think that you will die within two minutes, what do you do ? Nothing. You don't call anybody, you don't think of anything, you just totally enjoy seeing, feeling, smelling, listening to the last seconds of your life, the beauty of life."

Cameron Burgess


James Braha

James Braha - disciple of Bob Adamson and author of a book - "Living Reality" - on his experience of 5 weeks spent with Bob discussing non-duality. James teaches near Sarasota in Florida.
" While many seekers have heard of the notion of being willing to have their individuality die and are actually ready to do so, most have no idea how. This is not for any lack of intelligence. It is because there is actually nothing one can do to die to the 'small self'! What is needed is an understanding of reality from the most all-inclusive viewpoint. Then, one’s apparent individuality becomes enveloped by universality in the same way a seemingly isolated wave merges back into the ocean. "


Sundance Burke

Sundance Burke - author of Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being. He offers satsang worldwide, often with his wife, Katie Davis (see below). Sundance and Katie also have a website for their joint activities.

"We know that the mind is good at what it does, but what is it doing? The snapshot of the investigator is not giving us what we seek. The snapshot is merely pointing to it. This is all that the investigator (mind) can do. The snapshot represents something but it can not “Be” what it is representing... nothing we experience through the senses and intellect can equate to Being who we are. We are always more."


Katie Davis

Katie Davis - author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment. She offers satsang worldwide, often with her husband, Sundance Burke. Katie and Sundance also have a website for their joint activities.

"There is no bondage. All bondage is a fabrication of the unconscious, conditioned mind. It belongs to the concept of "me." You, as you truly are, has always been free. You are free right now. You ARE Freedom. Just be true to who you are."



Dolano - Dolano‘s background is 21 years with Osho, then turned to Advaita, first to Papaji, then to Gangaji. Dolano is situated in Pune, India. Offers ‘Open Satsang’ twice a month, which takes place in the usual Satsang teacher format with questions and answers from the audience. She also offers a 1 month long format called ‘Intensive Satsang’, ‘the last satsang’ as people going through it will, within the first three days, realize who they truly are. If they don’t, continuation of Intensive Satsang does not make sense. As this is quite a high standard, Intensive Satsang is not open to everyone. You have to apply directly to Dolano by email. Note: Participants are not coming out of Intensive Satsang enlightened but, as Dolano calls it, awake. This means that they know beyond doubt who they are. Enlightenment is when this knowledge is fully established and takes over the person’s whole mind. The days that follow the first three of Intensive Satsang are intended to start off this process of establishing the knowledge (which may go on for many years afterwards).

"It is not You, who needs liberation, it is the mind which needs liberation. You are Source, truth itself, pure intelligence and health; it is your very, very nature. You do not need any thing; you are already absolutely complete, enough unto your self. You only overlook, by not knowing who you are."



Gangaji - There are on-line audio clips, videos, extracts from meetings etc. together with details of retreats and intensives and books to be purchased. There is also a listing of satsang video broadcasts on cable TV around the US. 'You Are That: Satsang with Gangaji' is a 5* purchase from Amazon, recommended for beginners who might find, for example, Nisargadatta's 'I Am That' too obscure.
"True resolve is the most ruthless act of a lifetime. It is the willingness to die to all hope of pleasure. It is the willingness to surrender to truth. You can't surrender to truth so that you will get some more pleasure."



Wide Awake Living is the website of Alice Gardner, about enlightenment and waking up to what is already here, now. There are essays, poetry, links and reviews. Influenced by Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti, she offers 'mentoring' sessions and circulates a monthly Newsletter.


John Greven - teaching in the tradition of Nisargadatta Maharaj, "Sailor" Bob Adamson & John Wheeler, based in Enid, Oklahoma. There is a chapter to read from his new book - 'Living in Silence' .
" Any assumption based on a false premise simply cannot be true. It is like asking, what is the source of the man in the moon? The question dissolves when there is the realization that the assumption that there is a man in the moon, is a false premise. "

See review of John's book 'Oneness'.

John Greven


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