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Advaitin Home Page
Website for the Advaitin Egroup. In addition to details of the group, FAQ, messages and an invitation to join, there are articles on Advaita, Hinduism, Vedas and Upanishads, Gita and more.

There is also an excellent set of bookmarked links, available only to actual members of the Advaitin E-Group.This is maintained by Sunder Hattangadi who seems able to provide references to any Advaita related topic imaginable.

Ananta Yoga Learning Center presents essays, poetry and links which are a mixture of Kashmir Shaivism, Patanjali's Yoga and Advaita. A number of classics from the scriptures may also be viewed on-line or downloaded.

Arsha Vidya Satsangs has details of satsangs held by Arsha Vidya Gurukulam at various locations in the US as well as Australia and Canada. Also, there are many pdf file and mp3 audio files of satsang excerpts from Swamis Dayananda, Viditatmananda, Tattvavidananda and Pratyagbodhananda. These can all be downloaded and contain a wealth of material on assorted topics.

Inner Quest has articles and teachings from Ranjit Maharaj, Sri Poonja, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramesh Balsekar and Chandra Swami; Catalogue of videos, DVDs and books from various teachers, traditional and modern, including Ramana Maharshi and J. Krishnamurti; details of meetings in Paris (last section in French only).
A very professionally produced site with a wealth of information and articles on many topics with regular updates. There are biographies of sages and excerpts from books, articles on Advaita, bhakti and jnana yoga, meditation, Sanskrit and much more. Each page has links to associated material. The editor of the site is a Ramana Maharshi devotee. is loosely based around Ramana Maharshi and his teaching but there is information about a number of teachers, past and present. There are also essays on awakening and on teachers in general.

The shAstraprakAshikA Trust in Chennai, India sells audio cassettes of recordings of lecture and discourses by Swami Dayananada, Swami Paramarthananda, Swami Omkarananda and Swami Guruparananda. You may also pay on line and download mp3 files.

Wikiverse has a number of pages of general description on aspects relating to Advaita in an encyclopaedic style.

3rd Millennium Gateway is a large site with only some of the content directly relating to Advaita. There are links to current and past teachers, resources, articles and books. In addition, there are pages on spirituality, cosmology, religion in general, new age, frontiers of science, scriptures, social issues and environment. There are articles, interviews and reviews. Everything is supported by lots of annotated links.

When I awoke - tales of awakening in various non-dual traditions (though principally Advaita). Essays from a number of teachers describe their enlightenment experience and there is a practical exercise from Ken Wilber.

If pictures help you to understand new concepts and you have the Shockwave plugin Flash 5.0 installed, you may be interested in Who Are You? This poses a set of visually stimulating questions on the nature of ourselves and the world of appearances.

Dr. Harsh K. Luthar has a huge website,, connected to the Harshasatsangh EGroup and Ezine (see Harsha Satsangh). Many sections are unrelated to advaita but one section is entitled 'Advaita, Yoga and Spirituality' and contains archives of material stretching back to August 2000. New articles on a variety of topics by various authors are continually being added. Most of these relate to Ramana Maharshi in one form or another.

Numii Net is an attractive, professionally produced site principally devoted to providing details of teachers, past and present. But there are also articles, stories of awakenings and a question and answer section. This is an ambitious site in its early stages but should grow to become a substantial resource.

Enlightenment Dudes is a blog devoted to book reviews on spiritual texts, poetry and related literature on nonduality. Video and text reviews available.

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