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This section is a companion set to the 'Discourses by teachers and writers' except that they are essays of my own, mostly posted to Email discussion groups over the years. I will endeavour to trawl through these 'Internet Writings' and add new essays regularly. It should be noted that these will usually be short observations or comments on a particular topic rather than a coherent article covering all aspects.

Once a reasonable number of these have been added, I will sort them into topic categories. Initially, I will simply add them as I come across them.

Note that I retain all copyright for the material in this section since some of the essays may well be used for books (if they have not been already!) Please contact me directly with any request for permission to use extracts. Note also that the views expressed in the following essays do not necessarily in all cases accord with my current views, since these may have been revised over the years.

  1. Why doesn't X have Y's experiences? (from Alan Watts List, Sept. 1999).

  2. Happiness (Essay from Aug. 1996).

  3. Experience and Thought (from Alan Watts List, July 1998).

  4. Knowledge and Experience (from Alan Watts List, Aug 1998).

  5. The Need for Practice (from Advaita-L list, Sep. 1996).

  6. Guidance of the Intellect (from Alan Watts List, July 1996).

  7. Karma Yoga (from Alan Watts List, Sep. 1996).

  8. Egocentricity and Enlightenment (from Alan Watts List Nov. 1996).

  9. Purpose of Creation (from Alan Watts List Mar. 1996).

  10. Deep Sleep and turIya (from Alan Watts List Mar. 1996).

  11. Concept of 'I' (from Alan Watts List Sep. 1999).

  12. The Lack of Free Will (from an extensive discussion on the Advaitin List Dec. 2000 – Jan 2001).

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