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Big bangers and mash
David Brockman

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David Brockman

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The essay below is an extract from Davids book 'The Wonder of This'.

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For me, here, world has just happened. It explodes into life like a timeless big-bang with no beginning or end. Life just IS. So it is noticed that everything is completely fresh, clear and unique. Hence the wonder in its unlikely existence! So thought, feelings, sensations, carpets, oceans, people, cats, trees, aging, death, birth, custard, smelly feet, laughter, sun, moon, stars, itch, everything,  ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING HAS JUST HAPPENED - for the 1st and only time; timelessly in 'me'; nowhere else. Completely unique; amazing, yet perfectly ordinary. We live and die in this same apparent moment. Your body will die; as a leaf falls from the tree in this same, beautiful, timeless moment.

So here, the day-to-day daydream still unravels, yet it is seen with a freshness. Life is noticed to be both purposeless, yet utterly amazing. All and everything is welcomed. Bad moods and good. Just happening; completely new.  It certainly makes things a lot simpler!  There is nothing else than this, yet appearances of people and places happen as 'before'. "Chop wood, carry water" and all that...

So in terms of apparent enlightenment, you are it already. Nothing need be said or recommended. A feeling of not quite seeing this is a feeling of not quite seeing this; utterly perfect and divine – a fresh, pristine ignorance! - The miracle of ignorance at all!

The oceans and the mountains; deserts and great cities; aeroplanes and squirrels; your memory of an apparent past and the apparent ability to read these words (squiggles) just happen - is just happening. From nothing to everything. An incredible illusion. Ultimately, nothing has ever happened - and nothing WILL ever happen; yet everything is just happening. This is what the word heaven is pointing to in the bible - Your timeless Life right now. But forget religion, just look around.

Life is impersonal. Yet within it appears a very personal, separate experience happening to a supposed entity called ‘me’. This is paradoxical; and it might be said here lies the source of all questioning – in this apparent paradox arising. The ‘me’ that arises, the sense of self, is simply a focusing in the whole of experience on a separate entity. It only can and does arise timelessly and has no actual substance of itself. There is no entity, full stop. It is merely, apparently, perpetuated by a seeming focus on it.

There’s actually nothing; but THIS.

NB :  Whether this is actually seen or not is totally irrelevant by-the-way!

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