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Fill Your Hole
Nigel Watts

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Nigel Watts

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The following are extracts from the above book ‘Fill Your Hole’.

Page 21

Life doesn’t work how thought you 

Thought you - because you only appear out of thought


Back in evolution it was paradise but we couldn’t experience it, were just a part of nature. But we gradually became consciously set apart, was meant to be, so we could start to experience how everything is, so we could come to know our real nature.

But consciousness was aware of two things. First was its no self, our real nature, this consciousness. With qualities that are of awareness, subtlety, sensitivity and gentleness, love, compassion.

And consciousness was aware of the body mind, with qualities that are gross, physical, loud and hard, seem more real immediately took over, covering over our real nature, took them self to be this me! Out of thought.

So nothing much changed, only for the worse, because thought you appeared, this me, and felt more separate. We’ve been there ever since. Deluded.

Mind malfunctioned



Page 22

It’s still paradise




We are paradise, and can now experience it. But don’t realize it. Because we’re not functioning properly.

Mistaken identity

We have all taken too be someone out of thought, covering over our real nature. Holding the illusion of you, of more separation.

It’s a world of experience not thought, but most things have been experienced through thought you, and then this consciousness experiences second hand if at all.

Is the world so dull, and thought you are so needy, separate, frightened, and that thought you is only temporary and is going to die.. What a calamity thought you are in.

But you only appear out of thought!



Page 23

 Thought, this computer has taken over


This Is Evolution

I know how to arrive here, how to be it as I am. The world is a much brighter, more wonderful place than thought you. We need to reorientate, to be our real nature, and the essence of it is simple.

We are this consciousness, a part of universal consciousness, and are maybe the only thing in the world that is able to really experience how everything is.

We are the feeling thing for this universal consciousness I am. How else could it know how its world is, how it feels. Unless it was divided, and with a body mind, so it could experience this world, its self, and is for us to start functioning properly. To reorientate, be our real nature.

So have I good news. I am not temporary. I am ageless, timeless, forever.. Only this body mind is temporary, and that ego, that me, can disappear now. What I really am is amazing. We took on a body mind to experience, with this thinking part of mind as a computer, to work things out.


Page 24

  Awareness is the key


This Is Evolution


No more intelligent than a computer. The thinking part of the mind wasn’t meant to take over. That is just a tool. There is no you or I. By accepting this we realize our real nature.

Which is experience not thought

Don’t worry, we are going to reveal our real nature, this consciousness, that was covered over when thought you appeared.

We need to reorientate to operating from awareness, which is of our real nature, using this mind as a tool. But is not what I am. We will find we are whole. By being awareness, not thinking so much, reacting spontaneously experiencing directly. I experience all I am. "Just go along with this and what I am will be revealed."

I use the word universal because universe, or god, sounds like a fixed thing, an object, something apart. And it’s not like that! It’s universal or godness, all pervading, space like, in everything and all about, not defined. I Am.



I say, first that me will have to disappear


So back in evolution man became consciously set apart

But took to be thought me instead of knowing his nature

He grew more separate from everything

(Degrees of separation)

But we can adjust

Give up that me

Be with the I

Just the fact that I’m this consciousness

"This that is always watching"

The I is found by our no self (no I)

This consciousness is realized

Page 26

I don’t need to know so much

I’d rather not think


Thought you thinks is you

But is not

You can’t think your way out

But let thought you go

That me

Reveal our no self

This ‘BLISS’

I say no self because I’m not individual, we are all the whole .

The I is found by our no self (no I), this consciousness, which is not limited to the body mind. There is no I, no you, no one.

There is no personal consciousness, it’s universal. Your problems are over! The only way to know is experience. You are being given it crystal clear, you aren’t real, that’s the problem. And can’t ever get it with thought you are a madness. Leave thought as I’m explaining, this simple. The only medicine.


Page 28

You are your computer!


Thought is like a computer

You are your computer!

That’s your problem

That computer has taken over

Gone out of control

Get that function back in the right place


We have grown possessed by thought "Stay other than thought"

This is what we are


Page 29

The I still has to be found by our no self (no I)

All we need is to change the mind

"It’s not a hard practice"

By using the intellect to bring the mind to this understanding

And by this reorientation out of awareness, feeling, sensation, instead of thought. The mind will settle down some more. This is the main way, the mind is occupied in experience instead of thought. A change of direction.

And by devotion to the fact that I am. We are all this consciousness not some one.

I’ll be found

There is no hole really, it’s so full. - Come on


Page 30

Now we can start to really experience our world


Our Real Nature


It’s hard to convey in words, but when I reveal our no self I’ll know. Start to operate directly, connect with everything, resonate.

It maybe very subtle at first but I start to realise, through real experience, I’m not so separate from other things, are all the same, it’s mind blowing. Ordinary sounds are amazing, colours more vivid, all senses amplified.

But remember the body mind spends lives operating wrongly and may take time to reorientate. Constant observation and perseverance is needed.

Start to open up out of awareness, at the same time unnecessary thinking is let go off. Work on giving up that invented you.

Don’t worry our real nature will only shine more. Thought you had covered this over.

De-programming what was wrongly programmed by society, by ourselves out of a thoughtful mind that grew too strong.


Consciously being here now

But I’m nothing


Page 31

What Is Awareness


We are this consciousness, not thought. But have to reveal it, to realise it, in actuality. Do anything right now, without thinking but being 100% present. This is awareness, which is of our real nature, this consciousness. Function mostly without going through thought. Take some time out to play with this. How does it feel?

Didn’t feel so separate right, felt more of everything. This is just a taste of ‘It’, we have to work with the essence of awareness, to really become it. Being very sensitive, finding the subtlety of everything, as if living without thought or language.

"Why have I been in such a mental stupor, that had infected and limited our world".

Remember I have to be nothing, or thought has covered it over. Of course I still have to use thought a bit, and what an amazing tool, don’t hate - love this body mind, but thought has a place.


Page 32

Real achievement, real intelligence


Waking Up Through Sensitivity And Subtlety Which Is The Essence Of Awareness

Ultimately most of our thinking world is replaced with awareness, sensitivity, the subtlety of the whole, this reorientation. It’s highly addictive! But it’s good.

Finding the subtlety of the air for example. A cool breeze on the skin, the sound of the air in the grasses or blowing in the street, or sunlight dappling down through the trees.

The trickle of water, warmth and the cold. How things feel. How this body mind feels right now, these clothes, the weight of this body mind sat here, holding things. How does this feel? And how things taste. All of our senses. Be as sensitive as possible. Our body minds were made to be sensitive feeling things, are amazing, and through which can experience this world, this body mind.

Subtler than subtle

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