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Losing Your Presence of Mind
Robin Dale

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book cover Noticing What You Already Know


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The following are Extracts from an earlier ebook. The book ‘Empty Thoughts' contains only short aphorisms. Oublished by Wyrd Publications, 2006, it can be only be purchased from the author. Cost of the book is $29.20 plus $6.50 postage etc. ($4.00 within Australia), in Australian dollars. The author will send you an invoice via Paypal.

How can I presume to tell you how it is? Everything is how it is, and it’s shouting this loud and long. Close your ears and open ‘the ear of your ear’; then you will hear this shout singing the perfect melody of silence.

Everything you express
points at The Answer,
which you are,
but which
can’t be expressed.

There is
no need
to know
what’s going on:
you are
what’s going on.
All of it.

is that which
can be lost
without its
being lost.

You are not what you appear to be. The reality of the thing you appear to be is that it is a signpost, directing you to your Reality.

There is a loud, clever, sophisticated train which travels on a circular track. All the passengers are shouting fervently ‘We’re getting there!’ This goes on and on. But every now and then one of the passengers wakes up to what’s happening, and quietly gets off the train, never to be seen again.

Meaning or understanding is the key. We have a meaning that says meanings mean something. A meaning is a seeming slice of reality. Another way of saying this is that the mind believes that its version of reality is itself real. The Reality is, this whole construction (which is the ‘Knot of Being’) is floating without support on what we are. To untie that knot, you can start with any meaning you like. Just notice that the meaning is a thing. Watch what happens to such things: all things are impermanent; all things are limited; all things are insubstantial; all things are unsatisfactory. But notice that there is a continuous and flawless watching of things. That watching is alone Real, and is not a thing, and is what we are.


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