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If you are sincerely interested in what is real then this topic will be a refreshing and enlightening approach. ‘Feel out’ what you read and allow yourself to be open to all possibilities without reaching any conclusion. Please remember that the moment you make up your mind how it all is, you have closed-off any possibility of further discovery, you have shut the door to deeper knowing. Always keep open because there is no limit to the expansion of the heart.

Things became clear when I realized the Oneness of duality, which made the world appear so real. Duality is, of course, the seeming opposites that make possible the world of appearance – for every ‘up’ there has to be a ‘down’ and for every front there has to be a back and so on. Without opposites the world cannot appear.

For example, for an airplane to fly it needs resistance. To walk on this earth upright and balanced we need the gravitational weight. Resistance and resilience are opposites yet complimentary to make each other possible. The yin requires a yang to complete a whole. This law applies to all seeming opposites. All scientists know one solid fact, "All energy is indestructible, it simply changes form." Just as pure energy, the infinite intelligence, is the source of all, yet it cannot ‘appear’ unless opposites are created. This pure energy known as ‘beingness’ or pure consciousness ‘appeared’ as a human form. The human could only ‘appear’ by having opposites within it – for instance, right and left brain to cope with duality itself, right and left side of the body affected according to thoughts and emotions. Emotions themselves are comprised of positive and negative input and output. Yet, unawareness of this duality as a wholeness brings tremendous suffering as we avoid the negative and pursue the positive. Spiritual awakening happens when we realize that both are one. This oneness is what we unconsciously search for on our journey on earth. Our search for meaning, happiness, fulfillment is all part of this search for our true Source.

When we are convinced in opposites, rather than their complimentary whole, then we place the cart before the horse every time! We become confused, perplexed and frustrated because we take the effect to be real rather than its cause. In other words, we look at the world and take it to be real rather than that which made it possible to appear, namely, consciousness! We make matter real rather than its real substance, which is invisible energy. We make the thought real rather than the awareness of it. How can thought exist unless there is the awareness to produce it? Consequently, we make the answer real rather than the question. The answer can only exist because of the question, yet in truth there are no answers but only unanswered questions. When a question seems to be answered, it only leads to deeper questions. If this wasn’t the case then the moment we have ‘the answer’ we are supposed to be enlightened.

The mind wants you to believe that the answer is more important than the question. The truth is quite dumbfounding. The question comes from a deep place within us, far deeper than any answer. Here are two obvious reasons: 1. There are no answers to life because all that we experience is a learning process and is not a problem. 2. The question itself is coming from an innocent place that doesn’t know what is happening. The question (the inner mind) wants to know, but question after question, what is being created are deeper questions that cannot be answered.

How can there be answers when there is this vast universe that needs to be experienced? How can words ever supply the minutest fraction of knowing? Can life be answered by mere words that are conceptualized by the given consciousness?

One’s true experience is the knowing of the true question

Einstein made it clear that the question, the real question, becomes one’s true experience. Knowing the real question is the key. Every human being has his/her own question to meet. What that question is can only be discovered by going directly into every conceivable question asked.

Can we step into the unknown and construct a life unrestricted by our answers?

We live by what we consider is real, which through exploration will reveal it is just a belief, a belief never questioned.

Here is a question that can start shifting your life…What are the possibilities of a world in which the limitations of belief are recognized?

What if we are freed from our conditioned thoughts of how life should be and restructure into something that is expressive of our unitary (oneness) principles of life? The possibilities lie in this exploration – how all seeming opposites are ONE whole! We can see how male needs female, how black needs white, how matter needs spirit – but what about how LOVE needs Fear for its total explosion?

As long as we separate we live divided lives – divided lives are the hell we create. What if we ‘joined’ both heaven and earth, the human and being into one undivided whole? We have been given the tools for this exploration called ‘the heart.’ It is our intuitive feeling-knowing aspect that vastly transcends the conditioned mind.

Do you really know what you want?

A key question that you would find extremely revealing is this – do you really know what you want? Did you know that most people have no idea?

One time the Genie appeared to a man and asked him, "I give you three wishes and they will come true. However, I can only give you one wish at a time. You can only get the second wish when you have experienced the first wish." By the time the third wish was due, the man wanted to have the way things were at the beginning.

The moral of the story is this -- if we really wished something to be true we wouldn’t need a Genie simply because of one great truth – all true wishes materialize! The world we experience is only real to our mind and thus appears exactly as we think it is – no more and no less! The world we experience is not real but thought-made-seeming real. Therefore, the way you are right now is exactly the way you wanted to be whether you were conscious of it or not. Your life right now is exactly the way you wanted it. The point is this – you are experiencing the way you created your world by your thoughts and beliefs. You might have wanted a million dollars as your first wish, but what you wanted was power to have all your desires fulfilled. You wanted all your desires fulfilled because you believed that they will bring you happiness and fulfillment. But we never even hinted that we wanted happiness because of one sad fact – we have no idea what happiness is.


The true life is beyond belief. Beliefs are the natural outcome of a need for certainty, security and meaning, and paradoxically, they bring only doubt, fear, uncertainty and insecurity because a belief is a concept that can be shaken, challenged and transcended. When we were young we had certain beliefs and they changed according to our experiences in life. We judged life according to our past experiences. A belief, in brief, is anything that you have made real in your mind. It takes courage to look at your own belief because it is your security, it is your way of clinging to some meaning no matter how remote. And, it is scary to realize that all beliefs are just beliefs and hold no water. The spiritual life is a life of courage, guts, forthrightness and dedication to what is real and lasting.

Beliefs can never be real because they change according to the evolution of consciousness. The more aware you become, the less beliefs you have. Then, when all beliefs are challenged and found to be wanting, we are left empty with nowhere to go, nothing to do nothing to hope for. This seeming ‘unpleasant’ situation is a blessing, an incredible blessing because when we are in the pits of nowhere then the only way is here (forever). The only way that TRUTH WILL REVEAL ITSELF is when you have acknowledged your emptiness. As long as we hold on to a belief, no matter how seemingly beautiful it is, we are still stuck to the superficial surface life.

Ask yourself right now, "What do I believe about life, God and myself?" You will find the list endless. Then, looking at this unending list of beliefs fear arises, and it is all part of the process of life meeting itself naked. It is all a meeting with life naked, vulnerable, unknowing yet open to the infinite possibilities. Then, through this openness emerges ‘feeling-knowing.’ Feeling-knowing supersedes anything you have ever read, studied or practiced.


Feeling-knowing is not a concept or intellectual knowing – it is a ‘knowing’ that defies description or questioning. In feeling-knowing there is no doubt, no uncertainty and no viewpoint or belief. For example, ask anyone if they know they exist and they will reply with total certainty, "Of course I know I exist!" Yet, who is it that knows this? Isn’t it consciousness recognizing itself? After all, it is not a belief, it is not a memory nor an idea – knowing you exist is a feeling-knowing.

Another ‘feeling-knowing’ you can have right now is this – become very still, totally still in body and mind and ask yourself with this earnest question, "Is there really another time other than this moment?" Allow yourself to be empty of thought as you ask this most important question. If your quest-ion is sincere, honest and earnest you will awaken this ‘feeling-knowing’ that NOW is all truth, all reality and there is nothing else. This is how Albert Einstein discovered the unreality of time and the theory of relativity, by deep heartfelt questions. He didn’t seek answers but only to LOOK at the questions until the truth revealed itself!!

Truth reveals itself NOT through intellectual answers but through ‘feelingknowing’ which is beyond any doubt. Truth is the eternal beingness that defies explanation, description or intellectual perception, but it is possible through a deep sincere and honest love of what is TRUE and LASTING. Truth is not a religion, belief, tradition, culture or a race or some mental idea. Truth is this very moment itself beyond time or viewpoint. It is this eternal source of you that is aware and conscious (and has nothing to do with what you are conscious-of). When, in your emptiness, meet this most profound challenge with the willingness to let your egoic mind sink into oblivion, then the truth ‘awakens’ in you as a ‘feeling-knowing’ that nothing and no one could touch. It is this ‘feeling-knowing’ that writes these weekly scripts. They do not emerge from thought or figuring-out but through utter trust in this ‘process’ called ‘feelingknowing.’ The funny thing is that we are already this ‘feeling-knowing’ but never engage it. The reason we never engage it is because of one great stumbling block – our egoic beliefs in the surface life as our reality. This surface life that we cling-to becomes our crutch, but until we are willing to let it go by going deeper beyond it, our ‘feelingknowing’ that is often quite obvious, will elude us.

Here’s another ‘feeling-knowing’ experiment. This takes a little courage but can be easily done – next time you are feeling angry, depressed, frustrated or unhappy stop and ask yourself, "What is more real – is it this emotional feeling or the awareness of it?" At first it might seem like a redundant question but soon you will discover that you cannot feel anything or experience anything unless you are first aware of it. If you have been badly hurt or betrayed in some past experience, it only surfaces as pain whenever you become aware of it. Awareness is everything. When you become clear that it is awareness of this feeling that surfaces as emotional pain then you are ready for the next step, "Since awareness is everything, then I can be aware of awareness itself." This is when you start realizing that there is only attention to something all the time. What you pay attention to creates your world. However, when you question this and start looking at this attention by paying attention to it, you will slowly begin to realize that you are pure attention itself. Thus, you are not what you pay attention to (which is ego-mind) but attention itself in its pure form. If you allow yourself this line of questioning then this ‘feeling-knowing’ of your true nature as pure awareness starts to surface – and dear friend, this is how truth reveals itself.

In brief, do not seek answers to your questions but get to know what you are asking in the first place. Get to know your most powerful question even if it takes you a whole year to discover it. Do not give up. Every human being has one predominating individual nagging question that unless it is uncovered will surface as emotional pain. In fact, all emotional pain is unresolved questions.

Einstein said (in the book ‘Einstein Factor’), "If I had only one hour to live, I will spend over 55 minutes of it formulating the perfect question of my heart. Then I will die happy."

What is your deep unconscious question? It surfaces as doubt, fear, uncertainty or a clinging to some belief so you won’t face your nagging question. Know this for certain – until you see the truth of you, your quest-ion will nag you, taunt you and will emerge from you as emotional unrest, anxiety, a feeling of something missing and combined with a need to attain something. This deep question has been placed by nature for you to evolve in your clarity of your true source. You have been born for this journey and there is no other. If you believe that your journey is of this world through goals, plans and riches, then continue on your way for you will get them and finally show you their emptiness and frustration. If, on the other hand, you believe that your journey is spiritual, give up that belief also and know that there is no mental, spiritual, worldly or any conceptual belief but the Source itself doing everything through you appearing as this question seeking an answer. To realize there are no answers is a great leap in consciousness that will eventually take you all the way home to Silence – return to Source (where you have never left anyway but thought you did!

In the human-being is found all that needs to be known. Just as the human part is a ‘becoming process,’ so is the ‘Being’ totally itself. The journey of the human-being is a circle – it starts with seeking itself through the world it creates. This consciousness of ‘becoming’ is a long journey of experiences. Through these experiences it accumulates beliefs of how things ‘should be.’

This belief of how ‘it should be’ is individual and personal and called ‘The Living-Question.’ It is a living question because all seeking to live a particular belief is a quest or ‘quest-ion.’ This imbedded belief is never questioned. Every human being is motivated materially, religiously, politically, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually or physically. Every human takes this ‘living-question’ as its reality. This ‘reality’ is never questioned and it is often defended and protected. It causes strife, crisis, wars, revolutions and upheavals, yet the individual never suspects that it is just a belief based on a conditioned response of ‘how things should be.’

In World War 2 Nazis believed that the 3rd Reich was a glorious thing. Staunch communists enforced their way of life on everyone fully convinced in their living-question as the only way to go. You see, a living-question becomes the whole reality to that human being. Someone might believe so much in the body as reality that they are found claiming, "If you got physical health you’ve got everything." Another might believe so strong materially that they could claim, "If you are wealthy than you have everything." Someone with the living-question of mental health might exclaim, "If you have a healthy mind then you have everything." This goes on and on in every area of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, material, political, traditional, religious and so on.

It is like the story of the blind men who touched a portion of the elephant to find out what an elephant is like. One blind man touched the elephant’s tail and said that the elephant is like a thick rope. Another blind man touched his trunk and said that the elephant is like a wall and so on. They each touched upon a small part of the truth but not the whole truth. It is the same with the living-question. It is a self-made reality that it is convinced it is the whole reality.

Each human being is convinced of what reality is like, based on the way they feel it should be like. These ideas of what reality ‘should be like’ are the individuals’ way of seeing based on their experiences, beliefs and upbringing. If one interviewed a hundred people and asked them what life is, they would get a hundred different beliefs.

This living-question is what gives meaning to the personal self.

The environment, our culture, our nationality and social thinking have a lot to do with forming our core living question.

To find your core living-question is not easy because to you it is probably not a belief but the way you view life. It is the way you actually see it. However, if there is honesty and sincerity in finding what is real and lasting in life, then three questions can help you to discover this hardcore living-question. Three questions, if pursued honestly, can reveal much:

What is it you want? What is most important to you? What is your greatest fear?

Most people who come to see me one-on-one do not really know what they want. Most young single women gravitate towards wanting a special man. Young men gravitate towards wanting to be somebody special or important. They can’t help this drive because the human-part is a ‘becoming process’ and always strives towards ‘having’ and ‘accomplishing.’ The key is this that no matter what one truly wants, whether it is wealth, success, power, fame, good looks, health, relationship, family and so on, it all has one major goal – personal fulfilment.

When this personal fulfilment doesn’t ‘happen’ then there is disillusionment, disappointment, frustration, confusion and even desperation because of one simple fact – what we are looking for is the ‘Being’ that spells peace, love, joy and inner fulfilment but can’t be found within the human element of ‘becoming’ simply because it is ‘Being.’ The word ‘being’ simply means ‘already IS!

This seeking, exploring and needing is part of the consciousness evolution in getting to know itself. T.S. Eliot wrote, "We shall not cease from exploration, and at the end of all our exploring we shall arrive at where we started, and KNOW that PLACE for the first time." The seeking, needing, wanting, yearning, hoping and trying is the exploration natural to the human, yet the ‘being’ is the place where we want to be, which is our true home. So actually, we go around in circles trying to find what we already are and have always been – The Being!

The journey is this – the human seeking its own Being! The Being is complete, infinite, fulfilled, at peace and is always NOW! This final realization is the integration of the whole human being. Thus, since the human is a ‘becoming process,’ the moment it recognizes ‘Being’ it integrates with it. The ‘human part’ no longer in need of ‘becoming’ finds completion in its own Being thus recognizing that the human was just a shadow image of the Being.

The living-question, which is the personal core-belief of the individual expression, is the only block to the realization of ‘being.’ The living-question exists solely because the human part likes to cling to some meaning, some belief, something to give life purpose. It never occurs to the personal living question that LIFE JUST IS! Life is Being, it is infinite,

eternally NOW, changeless and timeless. It was Einstein, in his theory of relativity that spelled to us the truth of timelessness. When a Course in Miracles proclaimed ‘God IS!’ and wove its basic teaching around it, it was highly misinterpreted. In an infinite universe there are no goals or purposes but itself.

Beyond the living-question lies the final question

The living-question is our ego’s belief system. It does not want to let go of it even if it means misery and suffering. To the ego a belief is better than having spirit. It will fight tooth-and nail to cling to something. There are many emotional people who believe strongly that there is something wrong with them, and no matter how much they suffer, they are adamant in their living-question of this reality and won’t give it up. This common addiction to suffering is a core belief living-question. Some cling to their doubt as if it was the reality itself and won’t give it up. This clinging is the need to have ‘something’ rather than ‘nothing.’

The final question is not a question in the sense we ordinarily perceive a question-to-be but an ‘open-mouth astonishment’ at the mystery and the infinite wonder of the whole. Prior to my ‘Supersentience’ experience I believed I knew something. This experience blew everything I believed apart. Nothing was like I thought it would be. The most profound knowing I got from it was the deep understanding that I had no understanding at all of the grandeur and vastness that is ‘my-Self.’ This final question is the most profound knowledge that we can come to in life.

From this final question we realize our unknowing of our vastness and infinite nature and how our whole idea of the world and its reality was based on thought. Our whole movement of life was based on concepts – our relationships, families, communities, social structures all just thoughts. These thoughts (concepts, beliefs, ideas) that made up our living-question (unless we are determined to wake up to our true nature) are hardly ever questioned or explored and so our life is based on a robot-like existence. But oftentimes a ‘crack’ occurs – there is death, terminal illness or a tragedy. Perhaps it just occurs spontaneously. But in that crack in our conceptual (dream) reality, something else emerges. At the moment we might call it chaos, insanity or perhaps even a spiritual experience.

At this point we look for help according to what we are ready to receive. Chances are we become disoriented, disassociated and disconnected – a breakdown from our conceptual living-question. In this breakdown of our living question we feel adrift temporarily, and if at that moment we allow ourselves to see that it is the end of everything we believed, and accept it as inevitable, then the final question will fill us with awe, wonder and even disorientation at the incredible grandeur that is life.

In our acknowledged unknowing we also come to know (through ‘feeling-knowing’) that we are a vast unknown being of infinite potential. And, at this moment as we stand STILL in our final question, we come to know that we exist in the unknown as the unknown. I had thought I knew Burt but it was only a living-question (a conditioned pattern of belief).

Here is a fact:

There’s no way out of the conceptual world through the conceptual world. There is only an abrupt and sudden cessation of that world as our guide.

Can we live with this reality of our Being without beliefs and concepts? Can we stand in the silence of no answer? Can we accept fully the fact that we just don’t know?

The human’s need to know is so compelling and so powerful that it creates its own illusory world and creates its own meaning. With this illusory world that we created, quite unconsciously, is it possible to recognize our true nature as pure being?

Here is the most powerful news of all and the most liberating – it is only through seeing the conceptual ‘becoming’ that we enter the reality of our Being. This Being that we already are is the true home referred to as ‘The Kingdom of God’ by Jesus. It does not exist in the future but as you right now. The human side that we have accepted as reality is a mere mirror shadow of Being. Until we allow ourselves to rise above this ego-self how can we look through the eyes of Being?

The Three steps of the final question

1. Initially, a human being has ideas, beliefs, concepts and evaluations of life according to upbringing, religious training, culture and general conditioning. All this combined with intelligence or lack of it, with temperament of being introvert or extrovert and other considerations one becomes a ‘living question’ – briefly put, the ‘living-question’ is the imbedded and unquestioned belief of ‘how things should be.’ We are a complete complex human bundle of this one strong unconscious belief – ‘how things should be.’ We have this complex bundle known as the ‘living-question’ regarding relationships, marriage, work, God, world, society, death, religion or lack of it and so on.

All these unconscious beliefs about ‘how things should be’ are wrapped up neatly in one ‘living-question’ that is expressed as attitude, personality, thinking, expressing and emoting. Each unique human being is a complex expression of this ‘living-question.’ Every argument, every negative feeling, every disappointment or reaction to life reveals our conditioned ‘living-question’ reinforced by ‘how things should be.’ The reason we are happy or unhappy, sad or positive, angry or temporarily feeling good is all because ‘how things should be’ is going our way or it isn’t. At this point we have no idea that every other human being is another ‘living-question’ with the same beliefs about ‘how things should be.’

There are people who are easy-going because they believe ‘things should be’ simple and easy-going. Then there are others who believe there is something wrong with them because of ‘how things should be and aren’t.’ This attitude (belief or conditioning) is so common in our modern world that it defies percentages. This victim-attitude is more common among women than men and it carries with it the need to suffer, to want sympathy and approval from others and carries with it a ‘pain body’ as its ‘living-question.’

There are some who believe that one should have power, and there are others who believe that life should be a surrender. There are some who believe in a personal God, while others are atheists. So-called ‘spiritual’ people believe that atheism is wrong. There are some who believe that spiritual living is right and perfect. There are some who argue that beliefs are necessary and one should have something to cling to. There are others who float around like gypsies with no goal or purpose. There are some who believe that we should do something about the environment and there are others who don’t.

And now, be truthful as you read this – are you finding yourself agreeing or disagreeing with some beliefs? Isn’t that part of ‘how things should be’ to you? Tell me truly, who is right or wrong? And, if you believe you are right, can you prove it that what you believe is truer than the next person’s?

Now, if you begin to see that there is no such thing as ‘how things should be’ there might come about some disorientation, some disenchantment or a shock to your conditioned consciousness. Your ‘living-question’ will start to rebel with a "but, but what if…" This is understandable because the ‘living-question’ is not going to lie down so easily. This is the ego’s last stand and as the ‘living-question’ starts quivering, shaking on its foundation and crying out, "I just don’t know anymore…" we raise that final question in astonished wonder, which leads us to the second step.

2. You will start to realize gradually that there are no rules to living – there’s just living according to consciousness. Everything is simple – it is as it is! There is only what-is because there can be nothing else. It is all very simple. Your mouth falls open in this final question (without seeking an answer because you know there’s none). Everything is as it is because it can’t be any other way. There is nothing to understand, achieve or accomplish – it is what it is. Once you realize there’s nothing to understand, you will understand for the first time. Once you realize there’s nothing to figure out, it is all figured out simply and uncomplicatedly. This astonished recognition of how simple life is will lead us into this next wondrous and glorious 3rd step…

3. You will realize that there’s nothing to figure out or understand because the human part of you has no way of ever comprehending the vast illimitable Being you really are. You begin to recognize that as an individual personal self you were hypnotized and acted, thought and felt like a robot believing you did everything. Here you recognize that this ego you thought you were was just an imbedded idea.

Here, in this last step, you start waking up that you are not a human at all – you are a Being playing the human role. Here you see you are this vast unimaginable life with dimensions, universes and grandeur that defies the wildest imagination. There is no way that the human can even begin to comprehend something so vast beyond any mental comprehension. It is in this ‘understanding’ that you utter that final question in astonished awe, "And I believed I knew something…" and with that final unanswered question you allow life to live you while it blesses you with its unimagined love, joy and lasting peace.

I find it disturbing to think that there’s just emptiness and we don’t know what it’s about. I think the reason we are here is to experience the physical world and become better beings.

Try that out and see if that works better than the last few hundred you’ve tried out. There’s only what-is and any attempt to figure it out ends up with confusion, frustration and even desperation. Even believing there’s just emptiness is another concept. There is only what-is – now you have a choice to ‘look at it’ and see it in a fresh new way without concepts. It is in this way that ‘truth’ starts revealing itself. What is this physical world? How physical is physical?

But there has to be some anchor, something to believe in?

Find out if it is true. Do we really need a belief? Haven’t you had hundreds of beliefs and they kept changing with the years. A belief can be shaken, threatened or changed, however, ‘how everything IS’ can never be changed except your view of it. Start inquiring into what you had taken for granted and see how a whole new dynamic starts happening inside you as things are shaken up. Truth can only be recognized as it reveals itself to you to the extent that you ‘see’ your conceptual self. The human part of you will integrate into the BEING to the extent that ‘you see’ how breathtakingly vast and unimagined your Being is.

It is scary to think how ignorant I really am.

You simply believed that you were this ‘living-question’ but then discovered also that everyone believed the same thing . The living question is a conditioned response to life based on ‘how things should be’ to bring some meaning to the idea of ‘me.’ This living-question was ego’s survival.

How will truth reveal itself to me then?

Truth is the ‘NOW’ beyond time and concepts. How can it reveal itself to you if you still cling to ‘how things should be.’ However, the moment you see the whole bundle called ‘me’ as just another ‘living-question’ then you are OPEN enough for truth to reveal itself to you. It is only through the recognition of our impotence that we discover our true power. It is only through the realization of our ignorance that we discover our wisdom. It is only through recognizing our vulnerability that we discover our invulnerability. Thus, it is through the ‘crushing of our ego idea’ that finally recognize we are LIFE itself (pure being).

Is it this quitting of our ego-idea that brings joy and true love then?

When we want joy then we do not have it. The trouble with following joy is that we are trying to get away from everything that is sad. Joy is not opposite sadness but includes it. As long as there are polarities in our thinking then we have beliefs, ‘how things should be.’ Joy is the outpouring of truth (now) when everything is seen as ONE BEING in different forms. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, should or shouldn’t – there is only what-is! When this is seen clearly then JOY is a natural expression of Being.

All this sounds simple enough but you are asking the impossible?

Looking at your ‘living-question’ as just another lie and self-deception is not easy for the ego to take. However, if you are willing to be honest and ‘look’ with simplicity and humility then you will see clearly that what is covered here is simple truth. There is no denying it unless you are willing to continue deceiving yourself.

Is that why we suffer emotionally?

All emotional pain is the belief in ‘how things should be.’ We are constantly trying to solve problems. There are no problems to be solved but how things were created by the conceptual mind believing in ‘how things should be.’

Can we really change our life just like that?

Who is asking you to change your life? I am saying that you don’t need to change anything, alter anything or overcome anything but see clearly that everything is as it is because it can’t be any other way. I am simply asking you to be real.

Who is going to do this accepting of the real?

No one! You don’t do anything. Acceptance is not something one does. It is allowing yourself to see that you are being lived by consciousness. This very ‘seeing’ which takes no effort at all, will bring the shift all by itself because you made way for it.

What are the three steps again?

First you recognize that your living-question (ego idea of ‘how-things-should-be’) is based on conditioning and is not valid but only to yourself.

Secondly, recognize how simple truth really is – there is nothing to know, nothing to change, alter or fix or overcome. Everything is as it is because it cannot be another way due to present consciousness.

Third, you recognize how consciousness does everything and how little ‘you’ know what consciousness is. Here you are astonished by that final question filled with awe, wonder, astonishment and incredible shaking of how vast you really are. The ‘you’ you thought you were never really existed except as a living-question. Here you start recognizing BEING! -- A Being playing this human role.

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