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Pointing to Ananda

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Q: Do you exist?
A: It is obvious and evident that I exist; denying it will imply that I must exist to deny it.

Note: Here we are pointing at the 'sat' aspect = beingness.

Q: How do you know that you exist?
A: Simply, I know it. I exist and I know that I exist.

Note: Here we are pointing at the Chit aspect = Knowingness.

Q: Who knows that it exists?
A: My honest answer is that I don't know.When I try to to find the assumed knower,no entity or separate agent can be found. There is only knowingness, awareness, peacefull space, silence, no-thingness, that includes a sensation of fullness and well-being.

Nowhere I can find an entity separated from Consciousness. There is no "me", nor a substantial, autonomous object to which it is possible to ascribe the function of knowing and existing by himself. I can only find ideas and sensations emerging/disappearing in this Present space that I am.

Note: Here we are pointing at the Ananda aspect = bliss, or peace and to the absence of a separated autonomous I.

In summary:
The realization of our true nature and the absence of a volitive and autonomous I, existing by itself, separated from the Present Awareness that we are, is only a mere illusion reinforced by social conventions. When the cause of the suffering [taking the idea of an I as a fact, a victim of the suffering] is revealed as a fallacy or mental creation, immediately disappears its consequent effect, that is, the suffering.

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