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What are you looking for?

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What are you looking for?

Is it Happiness, Paradise, Living in Peace, Stillness, Enlightenment, Being in the Now, Liberation, Total Freedom, Samadhi, Satori, Kensho or Non-Dual Living?

Isn’t that a beautiful shopping list of things of which you actually have no idea what they look like? The seeker is looking for something of which - if he is truthful to himself - has a blurred, mystified and idealized picture. This image is pieced together from books, statements of so called enlightened sages and assumptions. He is looking for some grand state where there is no pain, no suffering, no quarrels, no doubt and no fear.

It is supposed to be the big lottery winning, the constant blissful state.

And by the way, the confusion about what he is looking for does not get any better by using foreign “mysterious” names like Samadhi or Satori. Well it just sounds more sophisticated and makes one feel more advanced than the poor sucker on the street who is still “just” looking for lesser things like: more money, a better career or a loving relationship.

But all seeking is actually arising from the same source.
It is the feeling of being not at home, the feeling of being separated.
It is all the same.

What it boils down to is: that the seeker is searching for a better state.
A state of which he believes is not happening right now.
It is going to come. It will be achieved. It is almost there.
It is all bullshit.

Now the first message is:
You can not find enlightenment.
Very simply because of the fact that enlightenment is all there is.
It can not be found, because it was never lost. It is always.

Now the second message is:
You can not find enlightenment, because there is no individual “You” separate from it. You are it. It is all there is.

Now the third message is:
You can not find enlightenment.
There is no method of any kind (self-inquiry, meditation etc.) that will help you achieve it. No satsangs, no meetings with nice guys like Sailor Bob, Tony Parsons etc. will help you achieve enlightenment. This is so, because there is neither something which could be achieved nor someone who could achieve something.

It is hopeless.

The only thing that can happen is that the search for enlightenment or a better state will come to an end. But this will neither be done by anyone nor will it be achieved by any activity.

It may simply just come to an end, when it is seen that this is all there is.
And there is neither something you can do to avoid, nor anything you can do to make it happen. Again: because there is no-one there to do it.

The only thing that may happen in meetings or discussions with so called sages is that a lot of the conceptual ideas on enlightenment can be destroyed.

But the search can only end by itself. Some argue therefore, that self-inquiry is an impersonal activity that is not done by anyone and that therefore this impersonal method or impersonal activity will bring about the end of the search.

If that is really meant in the way I see it then there is nothing which would not be that self-inquiry, from scratching your rear-end to drinking a glass of vodka or taking a leak.

Then all there is, is self-inquiry done by no-one.

So there is no need to ask oneself: “Who am I” until it comes out of the ears. Because every ray of sunlight that touches the skin, every sound that is heard, every sight that is seen, is that question.

And at the same time it is also the answer.
It will be asked and answered until the search ends.

Then that is seen what always was there, but was overlooked by seeking for it:
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