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Wayne Liquorman

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Wayne Liquorman

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The following was published in the May 2004 Newsletter from the Advaita Fellowship:

Since I often start my Talks with the admonition that what I am about to say is not the Truth, people frequently follow that up with the question: So why do you teach?

In short 'I' do not teach. The teaching is expressed without any personal agenda. The expression may come forth as a result of a question from someone, or it may come forth as a burst of creative energy, as in the case of spontaneous poetry or these lines you are reading now. What is absent is the slightest shred of belief that what is being said or being written or being thought is the Truth. Any expression is understood at the most fundamental level to be a pointer, a relative teaching tool. That’s why the sage is said to have a natural humility, because there is the total absence of the conviction that what is being expressed is the Truth. The humility comes from the deepest possible conviction that what is being expressed is relative.

So, I personally have no trouble with anyone else’s teaching. If one teacher says that you exist and another one says you don’t exist, and this one says that you’re God incarnate and this other one says that you’re nothing, I don’t care. They are all understood to be relative teaching tools. There is never a question of the hammer being Truer than the screwdriver. What I find objectionable (in an aesthetic sense) is when someone says, “What I am saying is the truth and what the other teaching is saying is bullshit.” Such an assertion lacks the essential clarity of understanding that it’s ALL bullshit, and that a given teacher’s teaching is simply a matter of enculturation and personal programing that determine how their teaching is expressed.

As you navigate the shifting reefs and shoals of the spiritual sea it may be useful to remember that that which is the most solid is also the most likely to sink you.

The following is an excerpt from 'No Way' by Ram Tzu (aka Wayne Liquorman):

You read the
Spiritual guidebooks.
God on $25 a Day.

You are inspired.
You can't wait to see
All the sights
So eloquently described.

It all sounds

Much more exciting
Than what you have at home.

But the fear sets in
When it's time to leave.
You try to pack
Everything you own.
Now you can't move
For the weight of it.

Ram Tzu knows this...

If you finally go
You'll travel light.


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