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You are prior to anything that can be witnessed
Sukhbir Singh

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Prior to saying or thinking "I am seeing" isn't seeing already happening?
Prior to saying or thinking "I am hearing" isn't hearing already happening?
Prior to saying or thinking "I am feeling" isn't feeling already happening?

Get into the feeling of what the statements above are pointing at. Even prior to your saying or thinking anything about anything it is already happening.

However, we are so caught up with the thought "I am ______" that we believe it is true! It is the thought that brings the "I" into the picture. Try to find this "I". Try to find this supposed entity that is seeing, hearing, feeling. The entity doesn't exist except in thought.

The thought "I am seeing" cannot see.
The thought "I am hearing" cannot hear.
The thought "I am feeling" cannot feel.

These thoughts derive their existence from the Source of these happenings. The thoughts want to place 'ownership' to these happenings. However, these can't be owned. They are simply waves that arise and subside. Yet, these waves cannot exist unless the Ocean exists. There is no "you" or "me" as a separate entity. There is no "you" or "me" in this moment. There is just "is-ness" (for a lack of a better word). This "is-ness" is the Ocean.

It is just happening. The physical body-mind appears to take the action and it does take the action, but you are not the physical body-mind. You are the witness of this physical body-mind. All that you can notice and witness cannot be YOU. You are not this. You are not any thing that can be pointed to or spoken about. Yet, you are the one that is aware of all that is pointed to or spoken about. All that can be pointed to or spoken about is witnessed by and occurs within you.

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