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Direct Path Teachers

Greg Goode

Greg Goode - Greg is a Doctor of Western philosophy as well as a self-realised teacher of Advaita and Buddhism and is equally at home with all approaches. He sees straight to the heart of a problem and explains the solution with insight, clarity and humour. He is a qualified Philosophical Counsellor in New York, where he also holds satsangs.

Greg also has a page on Sri Atmananda, which discusses the fundamentals of the direct path, such as how it starts by bringing the universal under the individual, how it establishes the witness, how the witness stabilizes, and how it finally dissolves into pure consciousness. There is also an audio interview with Greg on the direct path and a link to download a free copy of Atmananda's NOTES FROM SPIRITUAL DISCOURSES.
"The mind, memory, body and world appear as thoughts, feelings, and sensations. These appearances are all arisings appearing in consciousness -- Awareness. Arisings cannot reach outside themselves. They cannot point to each other, touch each other or contain each other. It is only memory that indicates that there has ever been another arising. But memory itself is nothing more than an arising. It cannot truly point backwards or forwards to anything. So there is truly no proof that there have ever been even two arisings. If there cannot be two arisings, how can there be one? What is left? Awareness, our true nature."


Jean Klein is remembered by the Jean Klein Foundation in Santa Barbara, California. Books, videos and cassettes may be ordered. Newsletters are published three times per year to members ($35 min US; $40 Overseas). All of his books have recently been republished by Non-Duality Press. See Recommended Books for more details.

"You are perfect; uncover the person who feels something is missing, and what remains is perfection. … Leave the mind and body free to be what they are and you will no longer be their slave."

Jean Klein


Atmananda Krishna Menon

Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon was the guru of Jean Klein and, to a lesser extent Francis Lucille (who never actually met him). He is the author of two short but extremely potent books on 'direct-path' Advaita (see the section on Recommended Books) as well as extensive but currently out-of-print dialogues. There is a short biography of him at this site and an extensive presentation of his teaching from Ananda Wood.

"The attribution of reality to things which rise in thoughts is the cause of all bondage."


The tradition of Jean Klein is carried on by Francis Lucille. This web site contains details of his retreats, extracts from dialogues etc. and tapes, videos and CDs may be purchased.

"I feel that there is still, in you, some waiting for an event called 'enlightenment' at the end of a purification process. See the absurdity of this. It is more of the same game of rejecting the now. Consciousness is here and now. You are that, here and now and forever. Whatever may come up in the future can only be an illusion. That which is real doesn't come and go. It will not arise in the future. It is now and forever."

Read the dialogue with Francis: 'Types of Thoughts'.

Francis Lucille


Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira is a student of Francis Lucille. His website is entitled 'Contemplating the Nature of Experience' and provides details of meetings in Shropshire and London. A number of talks (meditations) may be downloaded or purchased on CD. His book 'The Transparency of Things: A collection of contemplative essays and conversations' is published Nov. 2008. Read an extract from the book.

"Consciousness knows a thing by being that thing. Happiness or Peace is the name we give to this experience of the identity of Knowing and Being.

"There are never two things in our actual experience.

"Consciousness cannot know anything other than itself, and in the knowing of anything it is always only knowing itself.
"The experience of Consciousness knowing itself and being itself are one and the same experience."


Michael Damian, PhD is a psychologist and spiritual teacher, whose lifelong love of truth inspired a journey through poetry, music and psychology, culminating in the direct teachings of non-dual wisdom. Michael's first book is The Art of Freedom: A Guide to Awakening (2017). Michael lives in Northern California and is an avid cyclist.

"The joy of freedom is that it is uncaused and unadorned. Freedom is the open sky of reality, full of birds, clouds and rain which are not separate from it. And joy is the sunlight, a benevolence that pervades each appearance in the mind or senses. To be innocent in this freedom is the consummation of human knowledge and the fulfillment of all experience."

Michael Damian

Another direct disciple of Sri Atmamanda is Ananda Wood. Though he does not advertise himself as a teacher, he is the author of a number of books and many wonderful essays. He is also chief moderator of the Advaitin E-group for 2008. See the details of his books and essays and his series on the teaching of Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon.


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