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David Brockman

David Brockman - His website 'The Wonder of This' advertises his book of the same name. There are several extracts from the book and a CD of music and words may also be purchased. David offers personal meetings (£40 per hour) and group meetings in London. See <forthcoming discourse> for a passage from the book.

Life Without a Centre - Jeff Foster teaches in London and elsewhere in the UK. He is the author of two books on nonduality: Life Without A Centre and Beyond Awakening, both published by Non-Duality Press. His website contains original writings, details of meetings and retreats, dialogues, book extracts, quotes, audio/video and links.
"Atoms and mountains and oceans and light, all arising, dissolving, arising again. The dance of form which is really the dance of emptiness; a dance which is the beginning and end of all things. In each moment there is creation and destruction, in each moment a ne Kosmos arises and dissolves, leaving no trace. And this continues endlessly, without beginning, without end."


Nathan Gill

Awakening to the Dream is the website of Leo Hartong, author of the book of the same title. There are extracts from his books, a forum and newsletter. Leo is one of the clearest and most readable of modern writers - see his essays at this site.


Chuck Hillig - Chuck is a consulting marriage and family therapist in California and author of several acclaimed books on enlightenement. He is also a professional speaker and may be booked for a number of presentations, that can be scheduled for 30 mins or 1/2 day duration. You can see an animated video of Chuck's first book 'Enlightenment for Beginners' at YouTube. It is called " The Meaning of Life in 13 Minutes" and is in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

"You don't need to think in order to exist. "

"Desires are only diversions that seduce us until we finally recognise their illusory core."

Burt Harding


Roger Linden

Roger Linden teaches in London and Southern England. The site contains a short essay, a biography and a diary of meetings.

"Actually it is consciousness that is mislabeled as ‘me’, for the idea ‘me’ appears in consciousness along with all else that is known and from which there appears to be a sense of separation. Consciousness is the knower (me), whatever is known and the process of knowing (seeing, feeling, thinking, etc.)."


Mooji - born in Jamaica and currently living and teaching in Brixton, London, Mooji was a disciple of Sri Poonja. In addition to a brief biography and gallery, there are numerous dialogues and details of his satsangs and retreats in Ireland.
" Water has no shape, its nature is to flow. If you put it into a vase it will take the shape of the vase. In this cup, it has assumed the shape of the cup. If poured into my cupped hands it will take the shape of the hands. But water has no shape. It is the same with the consciousness, which is subtler than water. It similarly has no form, but it assumes the form of whatever concept it is poured into or identifies with, but it will never be the form. It remains ever its formless nature. "



Tony Parsons

Tony Parsons - There are extracts from his books and meetings, including several in audio. Also, details of talks (around the UK and in Amsterdam, Munich and Paris) and retreats in Wales.
"No one concept or set of concepts can express enlightenment. To attempt to share through words the rediscovery and wonder of who we are is as futile a process as writing a recipe for plum pudding and expecting someone reading it to be able to taste it."


His book, 'As It Is' is in the list of recommended books.

Alternatively, here is the link to Amazon UK.


Richard Sylvester - influenced by Tony Parsons, is now teaching in the UK. The site contains an edited transcript of an interview and extracts from his forthcoming book "I Hope You Die Soon - Words About Non-duality And Liberation" which is published by Non-duality Press.

"In liberation the story continues but now it is seen that it is just a story. All the passions of your apparent life are just stuff happening. The conflicts, the loves, the struggles for control and power, the victories and defeats are simply phenomena arising in oneness and falling away again with no meaning at all."

See review of Richard's book 'I Hope You Die Soon'.

Richard Sylvester


Unmani Liza Hyde

Unmani Liza Hyde - teaches radical neo-Advaita. Site contains brief extracts from her books, audio and video clips and lists of meetings in the UK, Europe and India along with other links and useful information.
“Wake up to your true nature as Life itself, and discover how life is lived as an unfolding free-fall in Truth, Freedom and Love.”

Read the first chapter of Unmani's book 'I Am Life Itself' here.

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