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Time Never Began
Peter Dziuban

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Peter Dziuban

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Present Consciousness. Two words. What do they really mean?

As said repeatedly, the fact that Consciousness is all there is to all Existence, means there never has been a physical, material world—anywhere, ever. If one were to even speak of what is called “the present day” or “all past events,” at most, all so-called events and times always would be mental only, or entirely “made out of” dream-thought.

Yet not even that is fully accurate. The fact that Consciousness’ Changeless Being is the entirety of what is present—as the Un-budging Absolute Present—leaves no possibility of time occurring!

So not only has the so-called “past” never been physical—it hasn’t even been!

Only, only, onlythe Present is present—“everywhere.”

As often as that has been said, this irrefutable Truth makes clear another huge point.

When it seems you ignore the Absolute Present You are, what would be happening?

In that instant, that would be creating all time—the entirety of time!

It literally would be creating all time for the very first time ever!

As incredible as that sounds, it’s undeniable. Again, as the Present is changelessly all that is present, there can’t have been any time before—because where only the Present is present, there is no “before.”

As Pure Conscious Being, as the Absolute Present Itself, You never say there was a past—only the false finite “sense-mind” or dream would try to say so. How does one not get fooled by it? Start from the true premise—that only the Unchanging Present, I-Am-Presence, is.

Now notice something. Notice that whenever the finite thinking “sense-mind” tries to say there has been a long past, it is always right now when it’s saying that. The thinking would try to make it seem as if there has been this long, long past that stretches “way back there”—one that includes a recent past, and a much older past.

Now look very closely where all—every last bit—of that so-called long past is. The entirety of it would be found only right here in that current thinking of it. The entirety of what is mistakenly called “the past” isn’t past at all—all of it is being projected only right now in that bunch of current thinking. That’s the only place you come up with any of it!

Mistaken human belief would try to say there are both that current thinking of a past and another “real” past—one that occurred in a physical world at a previous time. Why is that not true? Because, again, absolutely all there is, is Consciousness—which precludes there being any physical world. And the fact that Consciousness, All, is changelessly Present only, precludes there being any previous time.

The would-be ignorant “sense-mind” doesn’t realize that its “world” never is a separate physical world, but just its own dream-like thought. So all that the entire so-called past ever could have been “made out of” is thought. And when you examine it closely, you see the shocking truth—that dream-thought never is something that occurred “way back then”—for the entirety of it is being mentally projected just now!

Go ahead, try as hard as you can to come up with a little bit of a “past,” or a whole lot of it, in some place other than the current thought of it. It’s impossible.

No matter how far one tries to mentally shove a “past” back there—it actually has had no prior existence. The only place all of it would appear to be found is in the very thinking-dreaming of it starting now. That’s all there would be to all of the so-called “past”—just that one big mental “panorama” or “thought-collage”—all of which begins now.

This is clear only from the vantage point of the Absolute Present, wherein no time has been. Otherwise one mistakenly assumes time has some other, prior beginning. It doesn’t.

Imagine watching a scene of a movie. In this movie scene it is the year 2000. The movie characters themselves are in a theater. They are watching another movie, taking place in 1980. Now suppose within that inner 1980 movie scene being watched, that second set of characters is watching a third movie, taking place in 1960—a movie within a movie within a movie—and so on, as far “back” as one cares to go. One really is not going back in time at all. All scenes, all years, appear to be projected right there in the one overall current picture.

In the exact same way, the entirety of what is mistakenly called “history”—both “recent past” and “ancient past”—are encapsulated in the one momentary mental snapshot or thought in terms of it. From the vantage point of Absolute Present Awareness, it is clear that the entirety of so-called “history” isn’t history or old at all—for it’s all one mental panorama being instantaneously thought or dreamed now. Always, it would be current thinking only imagining there is oldness.

Even though this book has repeatedly referred to the passing of time—from the vantage point of Present Consciousness, one sees that time never is passing. The entirety of time seems to be projected now.

One never, never, never leaves Now, Present Awareness.

This being true, how old is Your Present Being? How old is All?

Look closely. How many prior thoughts in terms of time, or time snapshots have you had before? Do you say billions? The answer is none. Why? Even what would be called all “prior” times and all their snapshots would be found only in this snapshot of time-thought, in the ignoring of the Present that would be going on now. All so-called time is found only in the dream-thoughtbut that’s not You, Pure Present Consciousness. And not even the dream is “old,” but seemingly began this instant.

What is far more important, in Reality, the Absolute Present Itself, the Totally Aware Being You are, never has any time-snapshots. Not one. And never is there another being present. The Absolute Present never leaves or alters Its Absoluteness. It leaves no past of anything.

The “sense-mind’s” thinking may keep trying to insist there really was a long past that happened “way back there.” It would try to say there was a yesterday, and before that, a week ago, and before that, a year ago, and so on, in a long sequence. But what’s really going on? What is called a year ago isn’t any farther away or older than yesterday, because all there ever would be to both is only thought images, and both are simultaneously being thought now. Apart from what appears as those current images, neither “yesterday” nor “a year ago” had any other prior existence. As all there is, is Consciousness, there has been no prior physical world. And as Consciousness, All, is Absolutely Present, there has been no prior time, no prior thinking.

From the vantage point of Present Consciousness, Reality, there is no such thing as a past that was. There is only a would-be past, that appears to be projected now in thought. And to even come up with such time-projections would mean first ignoring the Pure Present You are; trying to superimpose that time-thought upon Your Self. Yet in Truth, not even that is possible, for the Present cannot ignore Its Absolute Presence.

Be alert and don’t assume that there has been any prior time—not even a time which you now have seen to be false. Not even that occurred, for only the Present is.

Since the only place all of the so-called “past” would be, is in the thought of it starting right now, there has been no long accumulation of a past! None! There is no past as a long continuum—for all there is, is Pure Present-ness.

In light of this Truth, which would be older—Julius Caesar, or yesterday’s Caesar salad? Neither—for neither has had any prior existence apart from thought right now. Because the only kind of existence both ever can have to you is as mere thought-images being thought now, Julius is not “back there,” not a moment older than the salad. Julius has had no prior physical past in which he became centuries older than the salad, because as Present Consciousness is changelessly All, no physical past has been. The only place one could find Julius and even all the “centuries” too, is in the one dream-thought being projected now.

Even if the “sense-mind’s” thinking tries to say your body’s been to Rome before, or that you’ve thought of Julius before, and had many Caesar salads before—where is all of that? The only place Rome, and all those thoughts and salads, would be found is in the one “mental package” being thought or dreamed now for the first time ever.

One never leaves Now, the Present.

The only Substance existent is Present Consciousness. The fact that all the Substance, Presence, existent is the Present Itself, leaves no oldness whatsoever—so there can’t be some things older than others. One item in a dream is not older than any other item because they’re not separate physical items—it all would be one dream that starts now. To try to say Julius is older than the salad would be to superimpose an assumption upon that which has absolutely no existence other than as a dream-like mental image, and always now. Julius has had no prior appearance anywhere else. Present Awareness is the only Place or “Setting” for all that exists—and without Awareness being present, Julius couldn’t even be mentioned as an appearance.

 Who says things are old, that they’ve existed a long time? Things themselves can’t say that. They’re just thought-appearances appearing now; they have no mind with which to say anything. Only you would assume there is oldness by ignoring Your Now which alone is.

The would-be intellect based on time and sensing will screech that this is lunacy. Yet it would be the intellect that never is. Which are you—What Is, or what never is? There is no choice.

“But that important experience I had was back then,” the thinking may try to insist. “And I’ve enjoyed recalling it so much over the years.” Nope. The only place both the experience and the “many” reminiscences would be found is in the one thought of it going on now.

“Then what about the universe?” the thought may come. “Today, as every day, I looked up at the sky and saw a vast universe out there. It’s been there day after day after day.” The only place all of that is found—all the “background” days, and the entire “history” of the universe, again would be in the one mental collage being thought or dreamed now.

The thinking may sputter in desperation, “Then how did I get here?”

Where do you identify—with a dream that has no real background, or as the Changeless Present? The answer is that you never did “get” here. As Present Consciousness, You changelessly are here, as Eternity Itself.

This also clearly shows why there is no such thing as reincarnation in Reality. Only in a would-be time dream that seems to start right now would it be said that one had previous lives. The entirety of it would start and be found only in the ignoring of the Present right now.

One always, always, always looks out as the Present, What Is.

Stop and consider how stupendously, staggeringly important this is!

Consciousness never has vacated Its Pure Present-ness as absolutely All That Is. It means so-called creation and time never began “way back there.” If one were to talk about it at all, the entirety of the dream of mortal experience, its time, and all its seeming creation always would be brand new. It “kicks in” for that period one seems to ignore the allness of Present Reality, Pure Aware Being.

The would-be periodic dream of mortal experience and all its seeming problems and limitations has absolutely no history backing it up! None. It has no long background behind it, giving it power to do this or that because “it has been around so long.”

There are absolutely no firmly entrenched problems! One who is consciously being Present Being leaves nothing to function as a secondary time-dream—no time-mentality to assume it has long-honored problems of disease, poverty, morality—or religious or national clashes.

Even if such “problems” could be legitimately mentioned, they would be exactly like a dream, in the very first scene of which, the very first words spoken by the first character to appear in the dream were something like, “We’ve tried and tried to find a way to end this conflict. But it’s been going on for so long, people have grown accustomed to it; it’s become a way of life.”

Hey! The dream just started!

There has been no long conflict, although everything about the background appearance, the dream’s story line, would try to make it appear so. Some of the dream characters even may appear aged, and some young. It may appear they live in an aging universe, and even use dream-science to show dream-evidence of their universe’s great age.

How old could any of it be, since the dream just began?

If one mistakenly ignores the Truth of Timeless Being, and starts with time-dream, or the un-Real, one has taken on its state of unreal thinking. So naturally it is assumed everything has a long background behind it. It is assumed there are “long-term” problems that also must take a long time to overcome. That all would be its assumption, not Yours.

In Truth, the Present’s Absoluteness leaves no prior assumption of anything. The Absolute Present leaves no prior time, and no prior dream appearances—none. To the One Who Unfailingly Is All Present, not a single time-event occurs.

It isn’t that the Absolute Present erases away a past history of world problems.

The Absolute Present leaves no history, period.

The Present leaves no history of even Itself!

Not even the Present has been before!  All there is, is pristine Never-before-ness.

There is only Pristine Pure Life in all Its indescribable Beauty—Absolutely Everywhere!

A sparkling clean slate is all there is—permanently!

Your entire Existence is so gloriously pure and fresh, so new and breathtakingly free, there are no words for It! And only this Pure Absolute Freedom is present. Forever!

This is why Omnipresence, Reality, or God, never can be used to improve previous human affairs, for there haven’t been any previous human affairs!

Nothing has happened yet!

How could this Pristine Present-ness I Am possibly need to change or improve something that hasn’t even happened?

How could I fall for a dream appearance when only I Am, and there hasn’t been any prior appearance? What’s more, how could this Presently Pure One I Am have to improve an appearance that never will appear because only I Am?

Not only have there been no previous appearances—there has been no previous God! There has been no God before, because the Absolute Pristine Present leaves no “before” in which a God could have been. Only this Pristine Present is—which is God—if one uses such a term.

Obviously, One can’t go back to a lesser self, for no past occurred in which to have been a lesser self! You can’t be saved. Nothing besides Your Pure Present Being has happened that You could possibly need saving from—and this is “salvation” in its true light.

This book is not about lifting oneself out of what never occurred.

As the subtitle says, now Life is completely new.

One cannot even ask, “Why hasn’t this been brought out before?”

There is no before. There is only Present Consciousness.

One never says, “It will take a long time, years of study, to get back to being at-one with the Divine, because I have ignored Now, the Present, for such a long time.”

In the Present, there is no history of ignoring the Present—and only the Present is.

How could there be another that must study how to be the Present? Not even the Present knows “how” to be Itself, because the Present has had no prior experience in being present!

This is why any attempt to “know” something about Consciousness must fail. This Consciousness I Am simply hasn’t been before, in order to have anything known about It!

If one were to speak of appearances, it seems virtually all “teachings” assume there is an established, pre-existing “way” in which Consciousness, Life, the Present I Am, is being present—and that there also is a “you” that must know or align with this “way” of being or living.

As the Present I Am, All Presence, has had absolutely no prior existence—when could there have been another that also must be the Present?  How could there be an already-established “way” in which I Am present? As I simply have not been before, there is no “way” I Am. I Am utterly without any “way.” There can be no technique for attaining that which hasn’t been before. I Am completely devoid of technique, utterly without method or practice. How could there be a method of practicing that which has no history of existing?

Having had absolutely no prior experience in being, I Am utterly Inexperienced.

 In-experienced-ness is All.

As My In-experienced-ness is All, I leave no others who could be trying to experience an experience that not even I have had! And, of course, where I Alone Am, where Inexperienced-ness is All, could there be any mistaken teachings attempting to teach that which hasn’t even been before? No!

As the Inexperienced One-All, I cannot offer guidance to get where I Am. There is no other to whom to give such—and as not even I have been before, not even I know where I Am! I have had no “time” in which to get My bearings, nor could I ever desire any because I Am not going anywhere. I Am. My Presence is so utterly Present, so completely without a past and absolutely new, that even the simple words, “I Am” would be old news by the time they were voiced.

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