Advaita Vision

Advaita for the 21st Century


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Chapter 1 – Discovering who we are not

Chapter 2 – Action, Karma and Free Will

Chapter 3 – Meaning, Purpose and Happiness

Chapter 4 – Knowledge and Ignorance

Chapter 5 – Spiritual Paths and Practices

Chapter 6 – Who I Really Am

Chapter 7 – The Nature of Reality

Chapter 8 – The Teaching Method


Appendix A – ITRANS Transliteration

Appendix B – Advaita Timeline

Appendix C – Teacher Lineages

Appendix D – Modern Teachers List

Appendix E – Microcosm – Macrocosm

Appendix F – Internet Resources

Appendix G – Recommended Reading

References / Bibliography

Acknowledgements and Permissions

Glossary of Sanskrit Terms


There are 640 pages, 375 separate references and over 550 extracts, including more than 100 modern teachers and writers. The glossary contains definitions of over 500 Sanskrit terms and includes Devanagari script. See next page for list of sources.

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Extracts from the Book
Summary and Endorsements
List of Contents
List of Quoted Writers and Scriptures
1. Potential Problems with Sources and Teachers
2. saMskAra
3. Different Types of Knowledge
4. Becoming the Disciple of a Guru
5. Ishvara
6. The Self as Knower or Known
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