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One in whom Self realisation has occurred sees the fact that there is no person within the body/mind, they no longer see the Self, their Self, as separate from Existence. Everything that this one does can be said to be perfect, all action through this form is always spontaneous a functioning which is forever in harmony with the Whole. If it is within the characteristics of that particular body/mind to share this realisation then such a one is destined to take on the role of a master.

The relationship with this one involving one in whom the realisation has not yet occurred carries within it possibly the highest potential for this realisation to take place. This relationship is like no other as there is the ability and the potential for the other to meet their Self fully through the vehicle of friendship. Existence brings the two bodies together as the unfolding of the One that creates the universe reveals it’s Self to itself. What is known on the part of the one in whom realisation has taken place is that there is no one in either form, all being simply the play of the manifesting of energy appearing as the world of form.

The one form is still under the illusion that there is something or someone within that body/mind that has volitional ability, which then also seems to apply to the other, the master. There appears to be the ability of this imagined one to take action, all of its own, to do things that do not require the backing of the whole universe in order for those actions to take place. The master no longer imagines that there is an inner subjective object as a separate doer with the ability to do what is being done, for this one there is only doing as an action of totality. For the one where realisation has not yet occurred there is an imagined subjective object in relationship with an observed object which is believed to be separate from the one experiencing it but in the one in which this realisation has occurred there is only experiencing, the duality of the imagined experiencer and the object experienced having dissolved in the realisation of One-ness.

In this realisation of Oneness the object appears in the observing and this observing is the creating of the object in that moment, all is one action happening. One is the observing itself. No object has autonomy of its own, it appears always as one with its surroundings, without the empty space around the selected object in which it appears the object could not exist and as all other objectivity also appears in this same space all has to therefore be one appearance. The object and the consciousness which accompanies it are one.

In this sense there is no longer anyone present, there is only experiencing and this is simply occurring in Consciousness, there is no longer a doer of what is taking place, there is just the observing of what is happening. There is no seer, there is only seeing, creating.

Because of the very fact that manifestation of form is occurring in consciousness observation happens, all that is being observed is observed by consciousness, what is observed is its own activity appearing as the manifestation that it is witnessing as the world. In the body mind in which realisation has taken place there is only consciousness, without any identification to an imagined inner subjective object, the me. The whole play of the master disciple relationship is happening as the consciousness which creates the play of Life comes to conscious recognition of its Self through yet another form. The apparent outer movement of manifestation and the inner movement of the mind is the unfolding of consciousness in its play of coming to the recognition of its Self as the prior non-condition of all that appears. There is nothing personal in this relationship for in truth there are no persons, there is only Love its Self, non-separate and whole.

The refusal, or rather the inability, upon the part of the master to support this idea of separation becomes the very process on every level that dissolves this concept in the other form. This relationship from the very beginning serves only to bring about the dissolution of the ego concept regardless of what the relationship may seem to consist of or whatever else appears to be the case. The constant refusal of the master to support the egoic reactions in the other eventually leaves no alternative but for that one to intuitively understand. When these reactions cease what is seen is that there is only action happening, there is only response, spontaneity, as the doer is no longer present having dissolved in conscious recognition.

Where conscious recognition has taken place there is now only Awareness and One is seen to be identical with this. The realisation that the master and the disciple’s body/mind, that was previously imagined to be what one was, are both one’s own action dissolves the sense of otherness. All appears as the activity of consciousness and One is identical with this. Realisation has happened.

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