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An Eternal Joy Supreme
Robert Adams

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An Eternal Joy Supreme
Original Dialogues by Robert Adams

Don’t you feel wonderful?
Of course. Again, good afternoon. It is good to be with you here again.

How many of you are happy? How many of you are really, really, happy? How many of you are really, really, really, happy? (Laughter)
Very few! We still believe happiness lies in things, in places, in people.
We still believe that if we win the lotto we will be happy, for a while. Or if you meet the right person, you will be happy. Or if things go your way you will be happy.
How many times have you done this and you have not been happy? Happiness lasts for a short time, material happiness, then it goes away.
Can you believe there is such a thing as Unalloyed Happiness ,
unbroken happiness, happiness that goes with you and stays with you, and never changes?
Yes, my friends, there is such a happiness.
If you ever felt it, you would never be the same again.

It is such a happiness that brings bliss and joy, and awakens you to the Truth of your Self.
his happiness is you
. It is your natural birthright. It is what you really are.
But you have been looking in all the wrong places!
Isn’t that a song? ”Looking for love in all the Wrong Places?”
When it is within yourself! All you have to do is turn within. It is not in the outside.
It’s not in a better job or a better person. Or more money, or more health. This has absolutely nothing to do with it.
Yet it appears that it does.

We are all born to die, so to speak. No one is going to last forever.
Whatever you accumulate, whatever you do in this life, you cannot take it with you.
So why are you searching for things that you cannot take with you?
Does that make any sense? You cannot take certain people with you. You cannot take your couch or your house with you. You cannot take your car with you. You can’t even take your body with you! It all stays behind!
Yet most of us never want to think about these things. We don’t want to think we are going to leave something behind. We think we are going to live forever. What a joke.
And yet, there is an essence within you, a JOY within that NEVER dies, that lives forever.
What is it that lives forever? FIND OUT!
I am not going to tell you. I’d spoil the fun!

You are not what you think you are. You are not what appears to be. Forget about all your problems, all your joys, all your sorrows. Forget about all these things.
They can do absolutely nothing to you or for you. Stop thinking! Quiet your mind. Become still, peaceful. Then you will feel the Presence. Then you will feel the Power.

Do you feel it? When it is quiet, silent.
Tremendous Power. Tremendous Bliss, Joy.
It abides as you, when you keep still.
When you rejoice in your Self.
When you take refuge in your Self.
When you love your Self.
Have you ever tried really to love your Self?
Of course, I am not speaking about your ego.
What you appear to be, but to love the SELF.
Your real (Divine) SELF. The SELF that has always been and will always.
You are that SELF right now. Just the way you are.

When you love the SELF, you love the SELF that is eternal.

The Absolute Reality.
Consciousness. Pure Awareness. That is your SELF.
Have you ever thought of yourself as Pure Awareness?
Total freedom? Complete Bliss? Omnipresence.
Feel yourself as That. Forget about your body.
Stop thinking about it. Leave it alone. IT IS NOT YOU.
It never was you.

You are BEAUTY. JOY. Everlasting BLISS. Boundless SPACE. PURE AWARENESS.
This is You.
Do what you can to help the misery of this world.
Have compassion. Loving kindness.
Help others all you can.
But all the time work on yourself. Continue to work on yourself.
Never stop working on yourself.

Let us chant now.

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