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Living in Open Awareness

Roy Whenary

Roy Whenary is a writer, communicator and facilitator, who lives in Devon, England. He is the author of 'The Texture Of Being' and 'Living In Open Awareness' and offers free downloads at his website. His interest in the teachings from the Advaita tradition began around 1970, and blossomed during his contact, over many years, with Jean Klein.



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In this very moment,
you have an infinite number of options.

In this moment,
you can actually decide
how you are going to feel.
The mind has this ability,
to decide on this important issue.
But, often, the unconscious mind
automatically engages
in a particular mood or emotion
that is not helpful or supportive
to the overall wellbeing.

In this moment,
you could be anxious, angry,
frustrated, fearful, resentful,
desirous, ambitious, impatient,
hateful, jealous, unhappy ....
or you could be peaceful.
Yes, peace is possible right now.
You just step out of a negative mood
into a positive or supportive one ...
all with the power of intention.
You decide that you are not going to continue
supporting a self-destructive mood,
and you just drop it,
for good.

Well, that is what happens
if you see the danger
of residing in negative moods.
Nothing is possible
if you allow yourself
to go into such moods.

If we stop what we are doing,
at any time whatsoever,
it is possible to easily bring ourselves back
into awareness,
and rest in that.
A good way is through simply listening
- start with listening,
then see awareness open up
to embrace all the senses.
But the simple act of listening
brings us immediately into awareness,
and out of moods.
There may be the residue of a mood
remaining in the mind,
but in listening, this is seen,
and it fades away before our very eyes.

Without peace, what is the point?
If we allow ourselves to be anxious,
on edge, unhappy, frustrated ...
what is our game?
What do we get out of this,
other than a little self-pity?
But this is exactly it ...
we may be doing it because we want others
to feel sorry for us,
to see how depressed we are,
or unhappy.
But this is also because
our notion of who we are
has become limited
to this little bodymind entity
we believe ourselves to be ...
which is exactly what we are not.

When we bring ourselves back into awareness,
we see that everything
(including our own body and mind)
are seen by this awareness,
and we are that which is seeing ...
which is awareness.
Try to grasp awareness,
and it is not possible to do so.
Awareness is not a thing,
not an object in time and space ...
It just ‘Is’.
All our moods arise in this awareness,
but they are not what we are.
In this awareness
is the peace that is our fundamental birthright
- and it is here, right now.
We don’t need to go out looking for it …
It is ours if we choose,
and if we choose to let go
of what gets in the way of this peace.

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